My TON wallet web-extension

This thread for discussion about new web-extension for browser that allows interaction with Free TON network in convenient format. The official github repository is here.

For now the extension is available on the followed languages:

  • English
  • Russian

If you are native speaker on any other language and can help with translation, please use this file as source

As soon as possible we are going to implement these requested features:

  • Multi accounts - implemented
  • Dapp connector for the signing transactions, the signing messages, the encrypt/decrypt messages
  • Creating multisign wallet (many owners, requirement count more than 0)
  • Adding tokens and interactions with them
  • DePools supporting
  • Loading ABI for the smart contract interaction
  • Smart contract editing/compiling/deploying right from the web extension
  • Mobile version for IOS/Android platforms with the same functionality as in browsers
  • Qr codes for the payment system via the mobile version (the payment sending, ask payment, the deep link)
  • Onboarding library for Dapp for the quick installation of the web extension or the mobile version
  • Swipe operations
  • DEX supporting
  • Buying on external exchanges
  • Supporting of easy conversion between currencies
  • Hard wallet supporting
  • Fishing blacklist with the voting process on Free TON blockchain

Please give us your feedback and wanted features.

Official webstore checks source code, as soon as they will accept our submission, we will publish link on official webstores, but now you can check it by manual installation from release page:


Documentation on was updated yesterday.

Sometimes we experience the error on the official test blockchain “The time on the device is out of sync with the time on the server. Synchronize your device time with internet time” some time. For testing purposes we recommend to use the official docker container
Just use this command in your environment in the folder of cloned repository:

npm run run-tonos

To check that all works you can you open this URL http://localhost:7777/graphql
If you will see the graphql UI, then the localhost environment is ready to use, else check the official documentation for ton-os - or the official repository - GitHub - tonlabs/tonos-se: Local blockchain for Free TON DApp development and testing.

The submission for chrome webstore is accepted. Anyone can install My TON wallet by this link
We have fixed some small bugs (like a wrong URL for transaction on explorer). All such updates will be published in branch “ux” in our official repository and will be available in webstore after this moment.

We have found the bug that can be classified as demanded “hotfix” web-extension/manifest.json at main · mytonwallet/web-extension · GitHub In the moment of adding cross-build process we added “applications” object for gecko that won’t work with chrome in “developer” mode. Webstore application and all builds are working, but in “developer mode” need to remove this from manifest.json for testing in the chrome browser:

"applications": {
    "gecko": {
      "id": "",
      "strict_min_version": "56.0"

The hotfix is available in separate branch → GitHub - mytonwallet/web-extension at hotfix-dev-chrome

New release 1.0.8 has been issued from the branch UX. It that includes the next changes:

  • Label when in developer mode
  • Backup warning
  • Max amount button on tx sending
  • Batching updating balance
  • Network list updates after adding a new network
  • Removed private classes, because Firefox doesn’t support
  • Removed “clicked” variable (it was used for tests only)
  • Fixed issue with toNano
  • Format for tx list in nano
  • Backup page design is in line with all pages
  • Possible “Skip” page with deployment process
  • Hotfix for cross-browser building process
  • Fixed bug with transaction URL on blockchain explorer

Webstores will be updated respectively after confirmation from the security team of webstores.

From today My TON wallet is published in the Microsoft Edge webstore

New release 1.0.9 has been issued from the main branch. Now the web extension MTW supports 52 languages.

New release 1.0.10 has been issued from the main branch.

  • new endpoints
  • fixed bug with frozen page
  • warning about SafeWalletSign wallet supporting
  • new select widget with quick access to own accounts
  • transaction tracking
  • for transaction is added the incoming and error types
  • deployment checking after import accounts
  • fee calculation and displaying
  • added the confirmation modal window
  • fixed bug with max amount
  • instant updating after new events on blockchain