Most active members Global Community SubGov (for the use of DeNS and governance token)


This proposal puts to a vote the list of Global Community SubGovernance members (Initial Members and Jurors) who have shown themselves to be active members of both Global Community SG and the entire Free TON community.

Once the motion is passed by a majority vote, all members on the list will be considered the most active members.

The list of the most active participants:

Some active members are not on the list because they are (or will be) filed by other SubGovs (to avoid duplication of data).


I support this Proposal.


How was this list compiled? And most importantly for what?)
I read the whole thread Global Community Subgovernance - Free TON.
But I still did not understand what this S&G has already done and what it will do. :man_shrugging:
I saw a contest of ambassadors for 5 submissions.
Tik Tok contest for only 14 !!! submissions))
And some spam activities on other forums)
And in this regard I have questions…

When is your next weekly call?


Hi! This list was compiled for the DeNS project and the governance token. Like this, or this, or this, etc.

What the SG did in the first stage - the information is in our section (I think, looking through the section, you can’t help but notice it). We published this information before we received the budget for the second phase (which is still ongoing).

The allocated budget for SG is unfortunately not designed for more Ambassadors )

If you have any questions, no problem. The call is planned for soon, when everyone gathers from vacation


Hello. Voted already? Please give me link.

Yes. I wrote to you on Telegram

Thanks for everyone for your support and work :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


I saw @epidemia, @bubbalex and @Alex077 there I never doubted the competence of the list, it is really an honest one. These pairs are crucial in the expansion of Free TON. Bravo!