Moni Partnership Proposal

Moni is a simple and secure mobile app for tracking and managing crypto assets. We are a young project and Moni App is in Beta testing rn and will be launched shortly. We want to grow and evolve together with FreeTON community.

About Moni Portfolio tracker

  • All data in one app. Easily connect all exchanges and wallets and sync portfolios’ balances and transactions in real-time.
  • Simple way to follow the plan. A goal setting tool with important alerts and the ability to track progress.
  • Useful performance metrics. A comprehensive set of statistics helping accurately analyze and get the dynamics of portfolios
  • One interface for all trades. Interact with different centralised and decentralised exchanges.

Users can:

  • Track
    Wallet: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ton, Binance chain
    Exchange: Binance, FTX, Uniswap and etc
  • Analyse
    Portfolios’ performance, assets’ profit and losses, trade history and 20+ metrics
  • Manage
    Trade assets on Binance, FTX, 1inch and Uniswap
  • Discover
    CeFi & DeFi Markets, 6500+ assets, Unique watchlists and vital News

About Moni Battles
Participants build up a crypto portfolio on a demo $1000. After that all
portfolios are fixed for the duration of the Battle. At the expiration date, the portfolios with the highest growth win the Battle and get rewards. Funny prizes are always provided as well.

  • Each battle is branded for a partner (description, links, visual design).
  • Battles take place in real time.
  • Mandatory conditions for participants (for example, a subscription to partner social network).
  • Information support and seeding (video and text formats) on our resources and on resources of the partner – Incrypted. For example: project overview, AMAs, press releases and other materials.

About Moni Talks
Every day, we hand-pick the hottest news from 250+ sources (200+ major Twitter accounts, 40+ telegram & discord channels, 20+ news channels) and pack it in 5 minute reads. Spice it up with fun and friendly approcah to writing, personal opinions on major events and you’ll get a full picture of what Moni Talks is about: NO sweat, NO FOMO.

Key Features:

  • Daily and weekly versions of newsletter.
  • Read on 2 languages: English and Russian.
  • Author’s opinion and conclusions on every impotant even.

We do our best to ensure that our readers receive valid information and that’s why can take calculated investment decisions (low risk / high return)


Integration activities: Free TON holders will benefit from the core services provided by Moni. The integration of TON wallets will allow holders to easily track TON in their portfolios.

Marketing activities:

  • We will be creating exclusive content on Moni Talks and in our social networks with the latest TON updates, involving our audience in the Free TON community.
  • Rewarding battle participants with TON Crystal tokens who have fulfilled the condition, where the partner is Free TON
    We will reward Portfolio Battles participants, who have fulfilled the conditions (subscribe to Free TON soc. networks, create a wallet and etc.) with TON tokens.

Implementation forecast

  • Development and integration of the Free TON wallet in Moni is planned for Q1 2021 (Will be done by backend Senior dev. and Mobile Senior Dev. + Product Manager).
  • After the approval of the partnership proposal, the immediate launch of the marketing campaign will be applied.

Key Facts:

  • Moni 14k+ users in waitlist.
  • Battles 1.5k+ active Portfolio Battle participants.
  • Talks 400+ subscribers.
  • Social 3 700+ active followers

Token request

172 000 Tokens

We see excellent synergy between Moni and FreeTON and these tokens will be fully dedicated to:

Achievement of goals

  • Every active Moni user who create the TON wallet will receive 5 tokens.
    Distribution of tokens: 60 000, Number of users: 12 000 users

  • All active battle participants who have fulfilled the conditions (depending on the region, for example, subscribed to the community in the telegram and created the Ton wallet) will be rewarded with 3 tokens
    Token distribution: 30 000, Number of users: 10 000 users

  • Free TON Portfolio Battles are held once a month, where the winners are awarded in TON tokens.
    Distribution of tokens: 12 000

  • Active Moni Talks readers who complete Free TON community polls (or other community events) will be rewarded with 3 tokens. Readers will be interested to learn more about TON and how to use it.
    Distribution of tokens: 30 000, Number of users: 10 000 users

  • For its commitment to integrate and actively promote, Moni will receive 40 000 Free TON tokens

Thank you! Our wallet in case the offer is accepted:


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It seems you messed up the site.
It is better to send your request to:

Maybe we applied for a partnership a little earlier than we should have. But look at the Portfolio Battles carefully, I think this is a great idea for the community to popularize Free TON.
We already have conducted battles with Binance, 1inch, Incrypted and right now battle with Akash Network is live.

How many people are on your team?

What is the name of your mobile app and where to download it?
Is Moni Talks an email newsletter ?

Our team now has 7 people (back-end developers, front-end and mobile developers, and a social media specialist)

If we talk about ios, we are now running a closed test flight. For google play, you can download the application to get into early access, as I said earlier - we are still testing the closed functionality and will gradually let the first users in …

Of course, you can subscribe to right now by leaving your mail there. And yes, that’s a newsletter and website

First of all Free TON isn’t a VC fund. I recommend you guys take a pause, there will be some kind of “kickstarter”, I think it can fit for your request)


Great! Then we will wait for that :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks


Thank you very much! Then we will wait for this.

I liked your idea. The idea is very cool and practical and now more relevant than ever

Your MONI BITCOIN AND CRYPTO TRACKER app is interesting, but sometimes it is unstable. What amount to currently users of your project? 41300? And how many of them are active?

Your MONI BITCOIN AND CRYPTO TRACKER app is quite interesting, but sometimes it works unstable. How many users are currently using your project?

me parece una excelente idea para toda esta comunidad el lanzamiento de esta aplicación lo cual sera muy beneficiosa y activa para todos, ademas de que esa es la novedad me imagino lo practico que seria, MONI BITCOIN Y CRYPTO TRACKER pues estos es la novedad, y me emociona en su primer compromiso con la integración donde moni recibirá 40000 libre de toneladas de tokens

Analytical report Moni

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the “Analytical reports about partners” contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.



Good idea, and needs to be implemented faster, but it will be a little difficult in my opinion.

Quite an interesting offer, I think it’s worth trying everything will work out.

Not a bad idea, we will wait for the implementation

I was very interested in your proposal, I will definitely use it. It is probably more profitable than others.

Thank you very much! Then we will wait for this.

nice it is really interesting thing

Предложение интересное. Но есть ведь уже Cryptocompare, Blockfolio, Delta, CoinTracking. Я пока не увидел ничего, что бы заставило отказаться от проверенных сервисов.