Malta Costs Proposal by NFT SG


To support our members who took active part in the organization of NFT SG’s representation at Malta Event we propose to provide reimbursement for out of pocket expenses and distribute certain rewards for useful and valuable work as follows:

@chuck_bogorad - 5000 EVERs

@markfeldman13 - 5000 EVERs

@LuminaRash - 5000 EVERs

Respectfully asking all Initial Members of the NFT SG to support.

Distribution addresses

Member Addresses
@chuck_bogorad 0:54f1d7319a5a0651672fa9e8d6e44b2d25d4b956bd448ca5d109df2a3e5e7d4d
@markfeldman13 0:e3ab0ea5f461e785f3f31a60db1ad60db8d7dcc5dac8208cd1d36b921b45da67
@LuminaRash 0:0f7ca69caa36893922e041aa08377bef02a36a9022b42e70fea5f93f722ac984
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OK, where is the contest? All the time I hear the same - FreeTon distributes its money only through the contests! No salary for somebody, who did something on his own initiative.