Lumi Wallet Integration Proposal


The Lumi wallet is a multicurrency non-custodial cross-chain wallet designed to meet the needs of those new to the industry and experienced crypto owners. At the moment the Lumi wallet is providing services to over 100,000 active users every month across 50 countries, supporting nearly 1,300 assets. Established in 2017, Lumi has built a proven track record of constantly improving functionality, and has over 500k client installs.

  1. Open source and non-custodial: Open-source code base for a mobile and a web wallet. Lumi is a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet, enabling users to create unique addresses for each transaction significantly enhancing privacy. Furthermore, the non-custodial nature of the Lumi setup ensures that only the user is in control of one’s own funds.

  2. Best interface and feature set: Lumi has a smooth and intuitive, yet functional and feature-rich interface allowing for all the major wallet user interactions in one place. Single master seed backup, 2FA, mnemonic phrase, and pin protection are enabled to ensure maximum security. The wallet is equipped with fingerprint security and Face ID which eliminates the inconvenience of having to memorize pin codes or phrases.

  3. Best liquidity and user-journey: Apple Pay, credit and debit cards, deep-liquidity instant swaps throughout an entire universe of digital assets at rates one won’t easily find on the market. Lumi is the one-stop-shop valuing user convenience and privacy more than anything else.

  4. Anonymity is at the core: Users are not required to provide their personal data before accessing the wallet. Furthermore, no form of identification is needed to exchange users’ assets within the application as it is done through interfaces enabling on- and cross-chain swaps.

  5. Gateway to the world of NFTs, games and collectibles: The product portfolio of Lumi properties includes also the Lumi Collect, a wallet for crypto collectibles, that allows the storage and management of ERC-721 tokens for both iOS and Android. Lumi Collect also enables gaming across a wide range of dApps.

  6. Integrated portfolio manager: Finally, it provides analytics to its users with detailed crypto market information making the process of investment decision seamless.

Integration Overview

  1. Introduction of Lumi user base to Free TON

CRM marketing activity, including in-app client engagement and airdrops.

  1. Free TON gate from fiat to crypto and back and a swap engine for a wide range of digital assets

Lumi enables storage, management and seamless purchase of TON Crystals with a wide range of other cryptocurrencies enabling cross-chain liquidity, debit, credit cards and Apple Pay.

  1. Free TON dApp store

Integration of Free TON dApps in Lumi dApp store.

  1. Free TON NFT (tip-3) token storage

A place to store Free TON NFT tokens.

Action Plan

Step 1. Integration of the TON Crystal token will be done, which will include a dedicated panel inside the application allowing for generation of new addresses on demand, transfers, and card purchases.

Step 2. Integration with Lumi Collect where the growing Free TON universe of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and dApps can develop and thrive supported by the community of early adopters of on-chain gaming.

Step 3. User base engagement with the incentive to open Free TON wallets.

Token Request

Step 1.

Upfront 100k tokens - upon completion +50k tokens

Step 2.

Upfront 100k tokens - upon deploying the first dApp in the store +100k tokens

Step 3.

40k tokens for each 10k new Free TON users, with a cap of 3 mln tokens.


Diana Furman, CEO

Proposal wallet: 0:b7ee994b982b73dc5a7871f18795409aa4ff2b3dd4010732fe4cc6df7e8e2a68


Thank you for your proposal! It is great to see an interest in Free TON from such a reputable wallet.

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The Blog tab is not available on Your site
Please tell us if Your company is experiencing any difficulties with technical developers?

Is accessible on my side… Looks like difficulties are on yours :slight_smile:


If it’s truly non-custodial solution and will convert its user base into ton crystal wallets, reaching number of existing wallets to 100k I’m all in! dApps and NFT also look promising, but wallet generation in terms of network adoption is more important imho.


Yes. Via google chrome - works.

I also support your thought

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I think that we need a dApp store with a user base really bad. I’m in

I fully support this proposal, I hope to see it as a partner soon

Sorry, there are much more famous wallets that are much cheaper. A year ago, a familiar project was listed on Lumi for free, not for millions, but no one really used it

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non-custody wallets are my favorites, kpis seem reasonable, I support!

The final request is very large (3,200,000) crystals.
@Furman tell us more about step 3.
how tokens will be delivered.

The request is now much more reasonable. I think the cap is still a bit high. 500k users * 4 tokens = 2 mln cap. But I hope that this cap reflects Lumi’s realistic expectations of the growth. Support.

Гуано причём полностью

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Right, so, the up front is fine. So is the 2nd KPI-based ask. The total cap however jolts me. It’s basically asking for 3M USD. Um… if you can divide that by 3 I’m in. And yes, I know you are using the 4:1 ratio of tokens to users, but the token is liquid. Not sure the ratio matters. Seems steep. Otherwise good.

I think you guys need AMA session! Will be glad to see you!

Thank you for your question. We have an active userbase and we can engage with our users in different ways.

  1. Incentivize users with TON Crystals for actions in the wallet
  2. Incentivize users with TON Crystals for social media activity
  3. Invite users to buy TON Crystals for bonuses from Lumi, like discounts for exchange operations
  4. Reward most active users with airdrops

And much more.

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I second @Roman_D - need an AMA session!

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Too many upfront payment. What is upfront in step 2 for?

The only KPI is “deploying the first dApp”? How “new Free TON users” are going to be calculated?

Please tell us more about this stage of integration, what it will look like, what is included in lumi collect.
Read more, what are the benefits for Free TON ?