Listing on XT.COM

XT Exchange is the world’s first socialized digital asset trading platform. The platform has a global toplevel domain name, with more than 2 million registered users, more than 200,000 active users monthly, and more than 7 million users in the ecosystem.
Some Features about XT.COM
–Users: more than 2 millions registered users, more than 200,000 active users monthly(Can check in Similarweb), and more than 7 million users in the ecosystem (include BiYong users);
–Trading Volume: Around 300millions USDT everyday (Can see in coingecko and Coinmarketcap);
–Regulatory Compliance: With MSB License
–Domain: , Worth for 2 millions USD;
–Trading Categories: Spot, Margin, Derivatives, Credit Card;
–Community: 100K+ in Telegram Chinese, 22.4K+ in Telegram English, 5.2K+ in Telegram Korea; Also in Japanese, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonisia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa, Arabic, Turksh, Spanish and Rusian.
15K+ in Wechat

What we can do for you in Chinese and Korea market
– Marketing: Both in China and Korea blockchain community, with PR, AMA, evant;
– Build own Community: in Wechat, Biyong, Bananatok and Kakaotok;
–Local Community Resource: We have more than 100 community partner in China, Korea, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam;
– Market Making: We can help to do MM service.
Welcome to XT.COM


I support new partnerships associated with new exchanges and full PR campaigns.

An integrated marketing approach is what we need.

There is liquidity on the exchange. It will provide a PR campaign to attract new users.

It’s much better than the goofy partners and cex.

These are excellent indicators. I fully support partnership with such an audience.

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Specify listing prices, please.

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Free TON does not pay for the listing, we can only interact with you within the framework of marketing programs. Tell us more about marketing, what offers and opportunities you have. (more links)
Partners are represented on your site, and we already interact with many of them. Give a list of your main media partners (where you can post articles).
In addition to the listing, do you have the ability to integrate the FreeTON blockchain into any of your products?
We can discuss the listing and MM at a joint AMA session. (convenient time)

And, if possible. Tell us how you found out about Free TON, what prompted you to make a partnership offer-thank you.



  1. We have sent an email to
    Please confirm that you are indeed a representative of the XT.COM exchange

  2. As part of a partnership, we can only consider Group Trading 1. What is the price of Group Trading 1, which includes a PR campaign and integration on all media resources with which you cooperate?

  3. Tell us in more detail about Korean and Chinese media resources where the marketing campaign will be carried out

we need to make more registered users on this web-site

Our colleague will reply your email, thank you.

Could you contact me by telegram? My telegram is lynnyangxt. I will send you our price. Thanks.

Could you give me your telegram account?

Tomorrow is Chinese Dragon Boat festival , our holiday from June12th to 14th. My colleague should check the email on Tuesday. So could you give me your telegram account, I can talk with you on telegram. More convenient.Thanks.

Thank you, confirmation was received

This is no public proof. Declined.

TXT Domain record or post on site / subdomain is verifiable public proofs.

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так это совсем какашки, зачем проекту еще одна такая ? Надо ориентироваться на ТОП20

По рейтингу лучше чем CEX.IO и почему бы и нет)

возможно, каких-то особых изменений не будет конечно, но хуже тоже не будет

Любая биржа это большой плюс для Free TON. Биржа за биржой, так и дойдём до Binance.




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