L33tpool.com - DePool with the minimal 1% commission

l33tpool.com is a DePool created by the FreeTON validator contests winners.

At this moment we have 1.051.316 TON crystals staked.

DePool was created with 375.000 tokens minimal validator assurance. Current validator stake is more than 990.000 tokens and, according to the DePool contract, this full amount will be used as an assurance.

As a Magistr Ludi contest winner, our DePool hold 743.227 locked tokens which we received from the FreeTON governance. These tokens are locked till February 2th 2023 and can not be withdrawn any time earlier.

We can say that it is safe enough to stake using our DePool.

DePool address is 0:68ad5013a8fda69c4828602c5f9a42261eb03bcb5a1f71c764b159f8b50f0a7a .
Minimal stake is 10 tokens.
DePool commission is 1%.

Soft-limit for the new stakes is ~500.000 tokens.
Hurry up if you want to benefit from the lowest commission.

This DePool is using latest DePool v3 contract, which is said to have been passed contract formal verification process.

How to stake:

  1. Use tonos-cli:
    tonos-cli depool --addr 0:68ad5013a8fda69c4828602c5f9a42261eb03bcb5a1f71c764b159f8b50f0a7a stake ordinary --wallet <your wallet address> --value <value in tokens> --sign <your wallet key or seed phrase>

  2. Use Extraton Chrome extension:
    Follow this link and use blue button “Stake now”.

In case of any questions please contact us using Telegram group.


Thank You! Very generously!

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Ok. Explain this :angry:

This was done to withdraw validator rewards.
No vesting or locked stake can be withdrawn this way. They are and will be safe in place.