Koshelek.ru partnership proposal

one of the most convenient is a wallet, the name speaks for itself

I’ve heard about this project several times, it’s not a bad idea, I can see a decent future.

Интересный проект. Рад, что все в одном сервисе.Отличный интерфейс. Мне нравиться.

A cryptocurrency wallet is needed to run blockchain services. This project is young and promising in this regard. An interesting proposal to promote Free TON.

Great idea, considering how much work you have already done, and really looking at it, I think the project is promising.

It provides a full range of features for working with cryptocurrency in one service. As for me it looks really good!

I like the idea, a great product.

I like it. People first make a product and offer partnerships based on their finished products. Great job!

About us

Koshelek.ru - is the company specializing in a full cycle of FinTech project development. There are over 50 employees in the company, including 20+ developers. Currently, we are launching our multi-service cryptocurrency platform - Koshelek (koshelek.ru).

From the very start, we monitored and researched the Free TON project. We want to develop Free TON in the masses. That’s why, even before we have sent out a cooperation offer, we added TON to our platform, connected custodial staking service, became the network validator, participated and won in a joint competition by Free TON and YPO, where we received great reviews from the community.

Project status

Koshelek - is the cryptocurrency ecosystem project. Our goal is to provide a full range of features for working with cryptocurrency in one service. The project is currently focused on the CIS market, but in future, we are planning to expand to other countries (EU, Latin America, Asia, Africa, and others).

Web: https://koshelek.ru/

IOS: ‎App Store: Кошелек. Криптовалюты & Токены

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ru.koshelek

Telegram bot: Telegram: Contact @Koshelek_bot

Launched and added (at the time of the previous proposal):

  • Koshelek Online - the main service (custodial wallet)
  • Koshelek P2P - a platform for selling and purchasing cryptocurrency between users using fiat money
  • Koshelek Staking - is currently launched for TON (under a simplified system, so the user doesn’t have to use dePool, but in the future, both options will be available)
  • Mobile applications - already available in Play Market and App Store (see the links above)
  • Telegram bot - has all the current functionality of the platform and offers additional notification features and one more identification step (see the links above)
  • TON Crystal - from the very beginning, we monitored and researched FreeTON, participated and won in contests, and want to develop TON in the masses. Therefore, we already added it to our platform and implemented it into the services.

New services:

  • Depools TON - non-custodial web application for convenient staking via DePools (depools.koshelek.ru). A completely free, open source application, that we launched when the community lost the only similar service.
  • Blockchain Explorer - multi-currency blockchain explorer, for more convenient viewing of information about transactions without leaving the platform.

And new features:

  • Cryptocurrency transports - sending cryptocurrencies through different blockchains (including Wrapped TON Crystal);
  • Referral program - getting a percentage of the commission of your invited users;
  • Trading via API;
  • And others, that can be seen in our service.


  1. Additional liquidity for TON. We already integrated cryptocurrency into the Koshelek project, users can buy and sell it via Koshelek P2P platform. In the future, we will add cryptocurrency to our crypto exchange and other services.
  2. Simplified staking method for non-tech-savvy users (already active). The user places currency in his account and receives daily profit. We take all additional work and risks upon ourselves. It lowers the entry threshold for users into the staking and expands the potential audience of Free TON.
    (Also added 2 way of steaking via dePool)
  3. Integration of TON in all our future services. It will provide a quick entry of TON Crystal on all services and platforms attractive to users. Mobile applications, non-custodial wallet, exchange, P2P, payments to different services, staking, asset portfolio, lending service, cryptomats, etc. We will help TON Crystal cover all these niches at once during our development, which will speed up its consolidation in the market and help to develop in the future. Adding TON to new services will expand the possibilities for its use, as well as increase its attractiveness for users.
  4. Joint advertising company. By promoting our project, we will also promote Free TON. We will integrate this cryptocurrency in the features of our promotion, which will provide additional traffic for the network.

Request for tokens

As part of the victory at YPO, we won the right to receive 50,000 TON for integration Free TON into our services (Contest: Free TON nomination to the YPO Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards program. Part 2 - #26 by ValueCreator).

We did not use this opportunity all this time, as we believed that together with the support of the community we could bring more benefit to Free TON and made a more extensive proposal with payments only on the result of fulfillment of obligations, without any upfront payments, except for the YPO win. Pending acceptance of the old proposal, we have already integrated TON into our other services, which are described above, absolutely free of charge and without support.
And since the previous proposal was not interesting to anyone, now we are requesting 50,000 TON only as part of the victory at YPO, for integration, which has actually already been produced (in the table below).


Activities Upfront, TON On results, TON Readiness
Integration into Custodial wallet 0 10000 Done
Integration into P2P (crypto/crypto & crypto/fiat) 0 10000 Done
Integration into Staking and catalog of DePools 0 30000 Done

Koshelek.ru wallet address for token distribution will be as follows:


I’ll be the first to comment right away. I knew this proposal was coming.

The reason I knew it, is because this team LITERALLY WON 50K tokens for implementation… MONTHS AGO! And instead of demanding anything, they looked at the original comments, decided, “Hm, let’s go back and perfect it.” And then spent their own time and dime without asking for jack squat from the community until they did the work. Now they’re just asking for what they are owed to keep working.

I think so many out there can take an example and page of these folks’ dedication to the community.


Let’s all support people like this. They are invaluable contributors.


Truly useful services seem to set the trend and show the community the right interaction patterns.
For future partnerships, we can use them as examples. The assertion that a partnership is not a sponsorship, but a mutually beneficial contract that can be rewarded.
We want to see results and then enter into long-term relationships. There are precedents for cheating the community. Now there is an example of showing good intentions. And it will be great if all new partners do the same.

I also want to note the staking information on their website:

And a background note about cryptocurrency:

Great job!

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This is a great case! I join - bravo! :clap: :clap: :clap: :sunglasses:

I support this Proposal. Implementation will bring many benefits to our Community.


20characters20characters ))))

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KPI report Koshelek
(as requested by the next round of funding)

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the «DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program» contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.

KPl report:


You can find more analytical reports, transcriptions of AMA sessions, partner news on the first information & news website for FreeTON partners https://tonpartners.online

Отчет о выполнении KPI Koshelek
(в соответствии с запросом следующего этапа финансирования)

Это аналитический отчет по потенциальному партнеру FreeTON, подготовленный в рамках конкурса «DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program».

Настоящий аналитический отчет полностью основан на данных, доступных в открытых источниках. По этическим причинам личные контактные данные частично скрыты. Отчет структурирует всю общедоступную информацию и отмечает потенциальные взаимозависимости и несоответствия. Настоящий отчет не следует рассматривать как доказательство какого-либо рода. Это из открытых источников. Не всю собранную информацию или сделанные выводы можно считать на 100% достоверными.

Отчет о выполнении KPI:


Также вы можете найти еще больше аналитических отчетов, транскрипций AMA-сессий, новостей партнеров на первом информационно-новостном сайте по партнерам FreeTON https://tonpartners.online

Looks good, good luck guys

is it accepted to voting?

Dont really see the use of this wallet for russian speaking customers, since most are already familiar with Binance and other well known wallets. Seems like it will be another money spent for nothing. Of course guys did a good job integrating TON, but from where I stand, the impact for popularising TON tokens out of this wallet is very small.


Tell me whay? KPI (мракобесие) well done?