Isendom email marketing platform

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As it is always said, Advertisements and Marketing are the soul of any thriving business. And statistics have proven that email marketing is the cheapest and most efficient ways of reaching out, getting more leads and making targeted sales for your products or services.

In light of the above, we launched a new and unique email campaign & cloud web hosting product - ISENDOM - with very exciting features that allow businesses to easily create, send & analyze emails, reach your customer’s inbox and offers unlimited contacts. And more importantly it’s GDPR compliant. ISENDOM has got high delivery rate and comes with responsive designed email templates… and the good news is the templates are available for FREE.

Talking of innovation, we’ve got advanced analytics features on ISENDOM and thus it’s much more than sending and receiving emails.

We’ve also got more competitive advantage in terms of features, ease of use and price.

Please review the enclosed flyer and subscribe to a package today to seamlessly conduct mass emailing and mass SMS messaging to your customers using ISENDOM and turn them into a wealth of opportunity.

Free trial is also available.

Please kindly visit our website and sign up for a free account:

You may also join us on Telegram here:

We look forward to receiving your orders soon.

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Feels like general spam I get in my email 300 times/day. You can’t SELL anything to Free TON. Free TON doesn’t buy services. This is not a partnership proposal, it’s a sales pitch. And what “customers”? Free TON is a decentralized blockchain. There are no customers. You have to educate yourself about the network before uploading things that make no sense and ruining your company’s name and reputation in the process. You’re trying to sell winter tires to a falcon. Please read the guidelines. Thank you.

Moderators? I think someone should remove this. Just my opinion.

Hello team! As part of the tasks from sub-govermans analytics & support, we publish an analytical scoring report about the partner

Привет всем! В рамках задач из сабговерменса аналитика&саппорт публикуем аналитический скоринг отчёт о партнере

English ver:

Русская версия:


Good analytical scoring report!


Полная информация, грамотный отчет. Спасибо!

Excellent work! Good way to identify and bring to light total scams. Bye-bye to this proposal! :slight_smile: Nice try @Muhammedb, but you can’t fool Free TON’s diligent members. Go sell bullshit somewhere else.

Nice! Everything is fine and clear