Initial Validators Vesting Tokens Distribution

Payment Delegation (PDG) - This is a group for signing transactions by selected participants from initial members or their representers.

Vesting - it is an economic model for maintaining initial validators. Tokens are locked and issued monthly via giver. (See more -, Addendums)

The payment process is initiated by the initial members (multisig givers, or MSGs), with a minimum quorum (50% + 1) required for a transaction. This often takes some time in order to get everyone together to vote. This will be fixed in the future. Once confirmed, givers perform transactions to the PDG, which consist of 5 of the initial members voted to transfer payments to the smart contract by the initial members, since it is easier to get a 50%+1 quorum out of 5 members instead of 23. Then everything is transferred to the smart contract for final vesting distribution. This happens every month for 12 months.

Validators tokens are locked until decentralization. All it means is they cannot use them, trade them, do anything with them until after decentralization. Once decentralization occurs they can do whatever they want with them

Vesting is an amount of paid overtime. So take all the tokens that are designated for initial validators and divide them into 12 months.

Here are tables of previous Vesting Payments for Validators:

Vesting table

:point_right: 1st month :point_left:

:point_right: 2nd month :point_left:

:point_right: 3rd month :point_left:


Roman, thank you so much for the work done.


Here is a table of Validators Vesting 4 Month + Wiki + Korea Subgovernances:

:point_right: Validators Vesting 4 Month + Wiki + Korea Subgovernances :point_left:

:gem:10 964 882 Tons have been distributed.

PDG address: 0:d1938ecc8a53ae58a6bf4416f9045a80b533227d79463b25424a8fd7c6de88fe


:gem:Token Distribution and Validator’s Vesting Payouts

October 30, were distributed 28,529,795 TONs for the following:


#42 Contest: Free TON Positioning Essay

#39 Contest: Free TON Landing Design


#66 Recognizing Magister Ludi “Crypto Angels”
#68 TON Surf testers reward for the beta testing period

+Initial members vesting.

:point_right:See full table :point_left:

The contests have ended and the community has received very good results! How many applications! More contests and interesting offers are ahead of us!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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