Influencers candidates list for the Free TON

Dear community!

Let’s work together and make a list of the best influencer’s candidates for Free TON promotion.

Please, put the information here as follow:

  1. Name
  2. Country
  3. Short description
  4. Links
  5. Why (why you advise this candidate)

Write your messages directly in this thread and we will discuss together and make a list of potential influencers.

Thank you!

List of the best candidates:

  1. @bubbalex - Submission post
  2. @AlexS - Submission post
  3. @Bliznec - Submission post

№1 Pavel Durov! :slight_smile:


Ahah) Can you invite him to the forum? :grinning:


Name - bubbalex
Country - Russian and English international community and channel owner
Short description - I am an owner and author of several channels and Medium publications, working several years in blockchain industry.
Links - below
Why - because I want to contribute to the project, I like it a lot, I’m not a developer, but I can be a promoter.

I want to suggest myself)

Promoting Free TON in my blockchain channels and communities, also contributing on this forum and on bitcointalk, altcoinstalks, cryptotalk. A lot of signature campaign members are from my community and I’m helping all the participants to better understand the rules, helping manager, answering questions, etc.


He implemented anonymous admins to the Telegram in order to stay anonymous, I don’t think anyone can reach him easily and I’m sure he will be avoiding Free TON do legal issues)


Хаххахаха :joy::joy::joy: :+1:t2:
Лучший кандидат

Good idea to collect all candidates in one place. +


Are we talking about people that are willing to take part in the FreeTON project or the ones that would be nice to invite in general?

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Great work done for Free TON in such short time!))


How many active people on your page?

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I want to work for Free TON promotion as well but unfortuntely I just have a small Youtube channel and a small telegram group that I am one of the admin there. By the way, I’ve seen what bubbalex did so far, he did a great work for Free TON promotion. I know it because I’m one of an active member of his telegram group channel. I support bubbalex!!


I don’t have big channels with hundreds of subscribers but whenever I’m in other crypto communities, I will make sure I insert TON and its in one way to my discussion to raise awareness. Congratulations to other successful participants.


I applied earlier to be an ambassador of TON, I don’t know if it contradicts this. I don’t have a large audience base currently but I have an active twitter account which has a unique audience base. If my service is needed.

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  1. Konstantin Basalaev
  2. Kazakhstan
  3. Wide audience on linkedin: blockchain project directors, programmers, cryptocurrency creators all in one place.
  5. It is possible to spread the word about TON Crystal, which is an important aspect to promote the project.
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