Improvement suggestion. Shift start date of contest after activation

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After contest activation necessary to shift the start date by several days. Participants need this time for reading and preparing to contest.

Improvement suggestion.

After activating the competition, we needed to postpone the start date of the competition for several days. So that the community can become familiar with it and prepare for organizational issues. This decision must be made to increase the number of participants and prevent carryover.

The DePool contest was launched. Not everyone had the opportunity to prepare for the contest: setup node and read smart-contract deploying documentation.

The jury must decide to give everyone time to get acquainted with the launched contest and accept all the organizational points before the start of the competition.

Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


I think there should not be any general rules since there is no enforcement mechanisms inside decentralised community. This type of suggestion can be a part of Good Practices which do not require any Governance approval and represents a consensus between a group of active members.


Ok. Agree. You can consider it an addition for this topic :slightly_smiling_face:


Отличное предложение , буферный период действительно нужен , и вообще в конкурсном предложении надо убрать даты проведения, и оставить лишь сроки, те только количество дней. И после одобрения автоматически назначать даты с учетом буферного периода в 3-4 дня

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I personally like the idea and recommend it become a part of future contests’ terms.


The idea has been in the air for a long time, but you took the liberty of voicing it. I support your endeavor.

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I believe, The issue with being late in participating in DePool contest was caused by problem with its design only. Organizers should provide more complete information and allow more time to follow instructions.

Considering the above, what is the difference between shifting the start date of the contest for 3 days, for example, and extend the contest for 3 days?
While answering, please, remember: as I said above, given the organizers gave full information and left enough time for preparation (let’s say the same these 3 days).

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I completely agree. Nothing to add

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