I'm A Contributor And Ready To Teach New Comers

If you want to become a contributor in free ton!
But you didn’t find a way to contribute?

It’s not as easy as you think!
Any new comer will be required to learn about free ton in some basic terms before start contributing.

Well, we aren’t charging a single penny for teaching you about free ton ecosystem!
Fees: free/without any cost.

I’m an early adopter of the network but have been always rejected by the free ton but now time is different, no-one in Asia is knowing free ton and they want to promote ton here and everyone knows how hard it’s for free ton community to steps in Asian crypto market.

I know free ton ecosystem well enough and so also ready to teach new comers in free ton.

what courses do you teach?

I’m currently teaching new comers only because according to the current developed infrastructure of free ton, it’s very hard for new comers to find a smooth way to start contributing.
I oftentimes noted that new comers are coming here and stays for a short period, then left the platform at all. The main reason behind the slow adoption rate of free ton is that we haven’t a smooth platform for new comers and they had to be left in the absence of readymade working model.

why do you scold the project of a FreeTON in every post?

Even after working hard for a long period like a year I didn’t get a single ton crystal for my contribution as a moderator in Hindi speaking community chat group. There is something like a storm in my heart that I want to exhaust on some greedy members of free ton network.

this is destruction and it is better to do beautiful and useful things!

There is a corruption in free ton governance.
Currently we have lot of proofs against main governance recorded on the blockchain. One day main governance have to be replaced by honest ones.

Do you have a Kul-sharif kazan mosque on your avatar?

I believe in it and always remembered in my heart.

Then go pray and do not do bad deeds, do not pour mud, do good and useful deeds, inshallah.

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I want to make free ton more fair, transparent, trustless and most importantly easy to access.

You can use courses from freeton.academy. And welcome to Telegram: Contact @FreeTON_Academy with questions.

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Fair use of Free TON infrastructure to empower user of the open network.
How we should decide for a long term Success?
In future main jury can reject academy fund!

We must have a long term budget locked in smart contract neither than main jury.