Idea Management System Proposal [Finished]

Short description:

To prepare the best possible research of practices and documentation to open source software for Idea Management Systems to make it possible for community members to view the disposition of their ideas, as well as add comments to others’ ideas.




28.05.2020 - 08.06.2020 at 12:00 PM UTC


Growing the community is essential, taking this fact into account we hope to create an effective system to rank community members ideas.

General requirements:

  • Must be fair, just, transparent, and creative.
  • All best practices are allowed.
  • Source of information is required to be mentioned.


To sum up the best practices regarding the idea management systems. Your paper should consist of following parts:

  1. Overview of existing idea management systems with pros and cons of every single system.
  2. The best IMS, in your opinion, and a description why it is the best one.
  3. Open source software which applies to that system.
  4. Brief guide how this system can be implemented and used in the future.

Evaluation criteria and winning conditions:

  • Most effective idea.
  • Security.
  • Сompleteness.
  • Simple to follow instructions.


  • Each of the initial Free TON voting members can nominate 1 person to the jury.
  • Initial members whose team(s) intend to participate in the contest lose their right to nominate a jury member.
  • Jury selection and members will be public.
  • Each jury member will vote “Yes” or “No”.

Contest winners will receive:

1st prize…………………………50,000 Tons

2st prize…………………………35,000 Tons

3rd prize…………………………20,000 Tons

4th prize…………………………15,000 Tons

5th prize…………………………10,000 Tons

6-15th prize………………………1,000 Tons

Jury members who vote…. 500 Tons each for doing their civic duty


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


I think that we need to use multi-level voting to select the best idea.

At the first stage, voting should take place using bots. If there are many applications, then you can make a vote in several rounds. Users can vote using test coins that can be claimed by holders

After that, the best ideas should be posted on Github as issue and approved by dev team.

After that, a vote should be passed among the validators on the adoption of these changes.

Validators may choose a better idea.

I think that participants can use IPFS for submiting applications.

Текст предложения на русском языке:

Я думаю, что для выбора лучшей идеи нам нужно использовать многоуровневое голосование.

На первом этапе голосование должно проходить при помощи ботов. Если заявок много, то проводить голосование в несколько раундов. Голосовать можно при помощи тестовых монет которые можно получить за хранение токенов маиннета

После этого лучшие идеи должны быть опубликованы на Github в виде запросов на получение разрешения и одобрены командой разработчиков.

После этого должно быть проведено голосование среди валидаторов о принятии этих изменений.

Валидаторы могут выбрать лучшую идею.

Я думаю, что участники могут использовать IPFS для подачи заявок.


Nice stuff, I would just add not only commenting but upvoting as well.


Good idea, when that docs will be located?


I think that for this case FreeTON team or FreeTON validators can create an IPFS cluster or use existing ones for it. Also, users can store their ideas on their own IPFS node.


I guess, one of the best options is to use IPFS for the storage of applications. As it was already menthioned there.


Great idea about IPFS! Thanks a lot.


I think that participants can use bots for this. Using the bot, you can upload files to the IPFS and then send them to vote. Participant can also send IPFS hash to blockchain as message .

I know one bot that can upload files to IPFS and I think that it is not too difficult to implement.

I also have other ideas on how to use IPFS.

I am not a developer, but I have experience using some IPFS tools.


Why should we do it in the blockchain?


I guess, that it is extremely required to filter ideas too automatically, since there is a lot of trash talks in all that discussions.


This helps to accurately record the time of application. It will also be public and will not require the search for an additional open source solution.


In that case, if it is public, thus will it be secure for participants?


Some ideas are very difficult to understand for entry level users. Here is proposal:

  1. Easy to understand: Ideas should be well presented using video (youtube)
  2. Gain attraction: Create a telegram channel for your idea get some discussions going
  3. Verify: Based on amount of telegram user interested propose this idea to freeTON admin\validators with all necessary traction data.
  4. Vote: admin\validators will pin the telegram message and create a voting bot.
  5. Result: Based on engagement and result the idea can be accepted or declined by FreeTON community.

I meant that the application was publicly recorded and it was easy to determine who was the first.

As I see the information in the messages is not public.

Also, the participants will be able to easily confirm that this is their application.


this contest will be held ? or not approved yet ? I just ask, because I don’t see it in page but I saw it in the telegram group.


It is published at contests page


Yeah, you can see it with a little bit different dates there:

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The above proposal is great, thanks vgk88. I would just add some clean rules to organize and drive IMS process and to make it easy for everyone. I propose these rules:

  1. like we have community group in T., we need to have one group with ledger of proposals so everyone can see them and vote. The presence of single chronological list gives equal opportunity to be seen for every proposal.

  2. Bot should automatically create new chat for each proposal. Thus communication regarding every idea is held in separate

  3. transparency in ability of everyone to propose an idea to community voting. As well as automation of submission of initial proposal files through Bot.

  4. voting duration should take 1-4 weeks without any other restrictions. This leads - no idea can be voted by community in less than 1 week, and no idea can be voted longer than 4 weeks.

  5. voting results are calculated by Bot using soft majority positive rule.

I believe that implementation of these simple principles will give us great drive in IMS practice.

  • T means Telegram now, but TON dApp later.

In russian / на русском:

Прекрасное предложение от vgk88, спасибо. Хотелось добавить несколько простых и понятных условий по организации процесса IMS, для обеспечения максимальной доступности. Мои предложения:

  1. По аналогии с текущими группами в Т., нужно создать специальную группу, в которую будут попадать только предложения для голосования, тогда в ней будет удобно заниматься только ревью и голосованием. А также наличие единого списка обеспечит равный доступ к аудитории для всех предложений.

  2. Бот должен автоматически создавать новую группу для обсуждения каждого предложения. Тогда коммуникации по каждой идее будут максимально эффективны.

  3. Доступность для каждого выдвинуть свое предложение/идею на голосование сообществом. Также необходимо автоматизировать загрузку сопутствующих предложению файлов прямо через бота.

  4. Длительность голосований - в пределах 1-4 недель позволит соблюсти стабильный и удобный темп. Ни одно предложение не сможет проскочить быстрее 1 недели и ни одна идея не будет зависать дольше месяца.

  5. Результаты голосований должны автоматически считаться и передаваться ботом по правилу SMV.

Считаю, что реализация этих простых принципов придаст значительный эффект и IMS и всему сообществу.

  • T означает Telegram вначале, и реализацию TON-приложения позже.

Good idea!

But I think that the vote should be in several rounds. In the first round, there can be many participants and I’m not sure that for each idea you need to create a separate chat. I think that this is necessary for the applications of the finalists.

But if there are not very many applications, then several rounds are not necessary and we can create chats for all idea proposals.

But I like the idea that we need a chat to discuss the idea. It is important that it is constructive.

I also think that it will be important that the best ideas are published on Github.

Хорошая идея!

Но я думаю, что голосование должно быть в несколько туров. В первом туре может быть много участников, и я не уверен, что для каждой идеи нужно создать отдельный чат. Я думаю, что это необходимо для заявлений финалистов.

Но если заявок не очень много, то несколько раундов не нужны, и мы можем создать чаты для всех предложенных идей.

Но мне нравится идея, что нам нужен чат, чтобы обсуждать идет. Важно, что это было конструктивно.

Я также думаю, что важно, чтобы лучшие идеи были опубликованы на Github.


Well actually, I really appreciate your idea regarding the IPFS for storage final papers. Guess, this option is optimal due to trade-off of security and and easing.