Good afternoon, everyone. I want to introduce a service for getting information about the network status and just possibly useful information. The data is updated once a day. There is not enough old data yet, but it will be added as soon as you have free time. The graphs are dynamic.

At the request of the community, I started adding graphs of outputs from sub-departments. A couple of days and it will be done.

Appeal to the community:
As I already wrote about June, I will give the finished site to groups that are not part of the sabgavas. These are analytics, Fludilka, Belarus and others. This will happen in any case: it depends on the knowledge of who exel tables, who and SQL, who scripts. Anyone can use it, create something of their own, regardless of their skills. (Registration will be open)
I will not go around - at the moment there is an urgent financial need.
Many people have already supported me, for which I thank them VERY much. At the moment, I need an amount of 4100 tons. 5000 was needed.

The project was launched on
You can support him there.

If the required amount is collected there , ALL direct donations to my address will be returned.

Please support either in tonseed (there are 13 days left to collect the amount of 5000 tons), or directly.

I will not stop the development of the project in any case!!! I GUARANTEE IT

You can support the author at the-address(it is also listed on the site):


If you want to participate in further development, and you have ideas and data for graphs-just write to the CART in the personal account, the contact is on the site.

Please try to spread this information.

Thank you all.


If the required amount is collected there , ALL direct donations to my address will be returned.

Questions to understand:

    1. What will happen with the donated (transferred) TONs, if your proposal is not accepted by the sub-governance committee?
    1. What is the investment return ratio (multiplier) for the deal?
    1. Do you ask only 5000 TONs for the whole development? Or do your ultimate proposal ask more sum?
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Good suggestion. It isnecessary to support the idea.

The project has collected almost 2,000 tokens.
There are 3,000 left to help develop analytics in our network.

I invested 400 tons and there are 8 more people who believe in the project.

I propose to help the project. It already exists and is beneficial. And it’s important that he doesn’t need muchм


Sent 300 TON Crystals.
I wish you success in the development of the project

Thanks!!! Just a little more left. In 2-3 weeks, everything will be ready for transfer to the community.

At the moment, the amount of 2950 crystals has been collected. There are 5 days left to collect 2,050 crystals. Please support all those who are not indifferent

Первый победивший проект, который оказался скамом и в котором разработчик слился сразу после получения монет? Есть какие то новости по проекту?

проект хороший был, интересный, и разработчик его всегда отвечал и выходил на связь пока его на добровольных началах разрабатывал.

Работаю над поиском Макса и инфы, как только будет информация - сообщу.

С большой долей вероятностью так.

Did he stop the project after he raised 5,000 tons?