How do the voices you put in projects come back?

TON Seed projects return donations if they become successful.

You choose the donation amount when you donate to the project.

The coefficient by which the amount is multiplied when returning depends on the size of the donation:

  • if you invest from 5 to 15 TON, then investments will be multiplied by 1.5 times
  • if you invest from 50 to 150 TON, then the investment will be multiplied by 2 times
  • if you invest from 150 to 400 TON, then the investment will be multiplied by 2.5 times

When the supported project becomes successful, you will receive 100 TON if initially supported by 50 TON.

Tokens will be returned to your balance in your personal account at

Project creators know that they will have to return funds if their projects go off inside the blockchain.

You can return tokens to the community in 2 ways:

  1. With a request for funds from a giver. Giver members evaluate the MVP of the project and decide how useful it is. If the project seems promising, they issue tokens for the remaining development + refunds to the community.

  2. From the profit of the project. If the project was intended to be commercial, then the creators can return donations from the first tokens earned. Then they don’t need to wait for Governance’s approval.

If the project did not manage to collect the amount on, then the tokens will be returned back to the investors. But with the deduction of the commission for the on-chain transfer. The funds will again appear on your platform balance.

Before investing, you need to think about how much to invest:

Do you find the project promising? Choose a larger amount. Most likely, other investors will also find it promising. Then the project is more likely to raise funds.

If you like the project but have doubts, then support it with a small amount. When it starts gaining momentum and a lot of people support it, just submit more tokens.

You can write to the creators if you are in doubt or want to be convinced of his responsibility. Above each project, its creator and a link to the telegram chat with him are indicated.