HitBTC is SCAM! [not scam]

Hello and Happy New Year! This year began with very interesting things that Hitbtc.com/ Bitcoin.com gave us. They have been holding my money for a several weeks. Sorry for my english by the way but I must tell you my story. The Russian article is here: Неприятная история с HitBTC - #5 by kir

I wrote this article for the Free TON community just to warn not to use platforms HitBTC and Bitcoin.com and save your money.

At the end of December I wanted to change TON/BTC on Hitbtc. The liquidity on this platform was good (about 5 BTC) and this was good for me. Now for the point:

  1. On December 22 I made TON deposit of the amount 30497. I made this deposit in 3 transactions:

Screenshot from HitBtc:

On 22 December 30497 TON was about 0.5 BTC. My verification status allowed me to change these funds inside exchange and withdraw it without any problems. This is information from HitBTC:

Also for information: on 22 December I sent documents for verification to get TRADER status and continue to trade on this platform. But it wasn’t so easy.

  1. After my trading I’ve got 0.57754977 BTC and I wanted to withdraw it that day (I’ll remind that my status was STARTER and I can withdraw it without any problems) but when I started the withdraw process HitBTC sent me a notification about my blocked withdrawal:

That day I wrote in support about my problem and here is the answer that I got:

I concluded that the verification statuses of users of HitBTC have no meaning. They can simply block the user when withdrawing any amount and ask to go through KYC.

  1. At the moment when I was trying to withdraw my funds I had a request on verification that didn’t pass because of my incorrect address. I uploaded the correct data again and waited for the verification status update from December 24th. After 1 week my status didn’t change and this message was on the service:

  1. January 2nd I decided to make ticket in support with question about my verification status and after 2 days I receive this answer (!):

So what conclusions I made about HitBTC:

  1. For me, as a user of the HITBTC cryptocurrency exchange, in order to complete the KYC procedure, I need to report the origin of my funds from the very beginning with attaching all screenshots from other platforms etc. Also I suppose that after confirmation with screenshots they will ask me to come to their office and write explanatory.
  2. Customer problems that arise from the service need to be pushed through and always create tickets in support and wait for the answer for a long time. It looks like HitBTC delays the moment of withdrawal of users’ funds to the last, and the one who gives up loses his money.
  3. Verification statuses on HitBTC are irrelevant. No matter how many withdrawal limits a user has, HitBTC can freeze them at any time for a long time.

I see a lot of negative reviews about HitBTC and Bitcoin.com (Bitcoin.com is a single platform with HitBTC) that faced a similar absurd problem.

I wrote this article for the Free TON community just to warn not to use platforms HitBTC and Bitcoin.com and save your money.


I have already told that this exchange became scam.
Although many argued, said that there was no problem with hitBTC.

I am not surprised by this case.

Please use KUNA Exchange. They do not need KYC to trade and withdraw funds.

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After few messages in Hitbtc support they unblocked me and I withdrew my funds.

The message I wrote was: “These funds are my personal and I purchased it in Free TON Community”. This helped me to withdraw funds.

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Resolved! Topic is closed!