Hi all! It's a @FREETONSHOP_bot

Hi all! It’s a @FREETONSHOP_bot🤖

We have important and pleasant news for you.

We would like to inform you that prices for all items in the catalog decreased yesterday⬇️. Prices declined and goods became more affordable — please take a look.
From now on, the product cost will change depending on the TON Crystal rate.

We also want to notify that any product delivery is absolutely free and is included in the order price.

The last but not the least, those who order any product before the end of October, will receieve a gift :gift:

Take a look at updated prices in @FREETONSHOP_bot and select the one you like the most.

P.S For T-shirts and hoodies - delivery is free😍

#freetonshop #partners


I will check it surely :+1:

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Absolutely very fabulous :heart_eyes: I don’t know how much to say regarding this forum it is full of surprises Because I can see Many unpredictable features. Thanks :+1: to the teams for the great job. I will surely take a look on how it works