Happy birthday Free TON! 🎉

Now that day has come. May 7.
The day this project appeared - Free TON.
Although I did not come to the community right away, I still realized that it is hardworking here.
Of course, there are incidents, but where without them.
Let’s celebrate this holiday together, because today all of us - Birthday! :tada: :tada: :tada:


Congratulations! Free TON!

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Where is Votka and lemon !!

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Присоединяюсь к поздравлениям! За первый год в проекте FreeTon произошло много замечательного! Так держать!

I join in the congratulations! A lot of great things happened in FreeTon’s first year! Keep it up!

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:fire: Congratulations to the winners of the first day of the FreeTON Anniversary Tournament! :rocket:
In the screenshot you can see only the top 10 winners. All the prizes have been handed out!

Read tournament rules at this link
(Турнир с призами в 7 000 TON Crystal в честь годовщины FreeTON – Telegraph)Tournament timeframe: from May 7th 12:00 MSK to May 14th 23:59 MSK
Prize pool: 7 000 TON Crystal (about 4 000 USDT)

:heart:Welcome congratulations to FreeTON players and community on the anniversary and wish them success and prosperity!

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