Golang library for Free TON SDK released 🔥

Dear All,

RADIANCE Team have released the first Golang binding for TON-SDK: ton-client-go on 4th November (https://t.me/freetondevru/46985).

Now there is a short way to make integration with Free TON on Golang projects. Latest SDK support, tests coverage and examples, enjoy!

Github: https://github.com/radianceteam/ton-client-go

Contributor and maintainer: Boris @RisentVeber
Thanks him for awesome work done, thanks Michael @Melsomino and Ekaterina @EkaterinaPantaz for useful help @TON_SDK channel!

Please, use it in apps or enhance further. You are welcome for feedback and comments in our support telegram chat: https://t.me/RADIANCE_TON_SDK