Global Language Vs Native Language

Global Communication Language :

As an international standard everyone is using english for a better discussion and for more global involvements, so it’ll be better to use english as a standard language for every global subgovernance or partnership proposals.

Free TON Local Subgovernance :

Any local subgovernance of a specific region is free to use their native language for discussing and implementing their community-specific contests.

Adoption :

Any global subgovernance should go for a translation support team for global community convenience term or can ignore/reject every non-english post from a community member for standardization of global subgovernance.

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English is written with a cepital E.

what you are describing by cepital?
Capital :white_check_mark:

Ето очень не удобно!!))
Если и требовать от людей подобного то только после внедрения переводчика в инструменты редактора, чтоб он автоматически переводил отправленное сообщение на англ.
This is very uncomfortable!! ))
If you ask people to do this, it is only after you have inserted an interpreter into the editor’s tools that he automatically translates the sent message to English.)