Global Community SubGovernance results at the end of Stage 1 (December 2020-January 2021)

During Stage 1 of the Global Community SubGovernance work (period December 2020 - January 2021) , the following objectives were set to achieve the overall KPIs as per the approved budget:

1) Contests launch for:

- social networks,

- forums (more than 20 forums)

- other information platforms;

2) SG social networks accounts launch;

3) Selection of experienced participants for each SG social network for content creation (in parallel with item 2)

4) Ambassadors workflow:

- selection of high-quality offers;

- competitive proposals generation from selected offers;

5) Jury selection contest;

6) Potential partners search and agreements;

7) Listings on aggregators,platforms and services

Subtotal for Stage 1 - 100 000 TON Crystal

The team’s work on Stage 1 (December 2020 - January 2021) yielded the following results (according to the outlined plan):

1) Contests were launched and conducted:

  • Free TON Social Campaign (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium):

Purpose – to increase activity in Free TON social networks and attract new participants to the community;

Result – 808 new participants were attracted (you can check the summary table in the contest theme and the increase of new accounts on the days when the contest rewards were paid out - Blockchain statistics for 20.01.2021 and 31.01.2021) who have activated their wallet addresses and registered on the Forum;

Payments from the budget for rewards, launching and managing the contest – 17057 TON Crystal.

  • Free TON Activity and Support on Forums (Stage 1):

Purpose – experienced project participants in third-party forums should tell about all the advantages of blockchain and answer the questions of interested future and current members of Free TON community in order to attract as many new users as possible;

Result – 9 active and experienced crypto-enthusiasts were selected to support the following main forums: Bitcointalk (Russian-language – 2 managers, English – 3 managers); Cryptotalk (Russian-language – 3 managers, English – 3 managers); Bits.Media (Russian-language – 2 managers);

Payments from the budget for rewards, launching and managing the contest – 4825 TON Crystal.

  • Crypto Quest: “Free TON 2021 - Try your luck after 2020”:

Purpose – to attract new participants to the community, to acquaint them with its structure, self-organization, applications and blockchain token with further involvement in the working processes;

Result – the contest is not over yet, but it has already attracted more than 450 interested participants, 200 of whom created and activated wallet addresses in the network, signed the DOD and registered on the Forum (you can check by the growth of new accounts on the days of activation of the addresses - Blockchain statistics for 14.01.2021 and 25.01.2021, full summary table will be posted after the first stage of the contest);

Payments from the budget for rewards, launching and managing the contest – 6137 TON Crystal.

2) Accounts in the social networks and Telegram were launched:

Payments from the budget for the promotion and managing accounts – 1500 TON Crystal.

3) At this initial stage, content creation is done independently by Global Community SubGovernance members, but after a larger increase in subscribers, there will be a competitive selection of experienced participants for such activities:

Payments from the budget for content creation and promotion – 1000 TON Crystal.

4) Contest “Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 1: Ambassadors Selection)” was launched and conducted:

Purpose – to select quality submissions from experienced participants, who have developed their programs to promote the idea of Free TON in the people and, accordingly, to expand the Free TON community;

Result – out of 11 applications were selected only 2. Only they met the conditions of the contest. The remaining participants, having finalized their programs will be able to participate in the next contest with the new participants. Those who won – are engaged in the implementation of their programs;

Payments from the budget for rewards, launching and managing the contest – 6500 TON Crystal.

5) Contest “Global Community SubGovernance - Jury Selection” was launched and conducted:

Purpose – to create a decentralized jury of experienced and authoritative members of the Free TON community, by recruiting a maximum of 19 members;

Result – 16 jurors were selected and their data were submitted to the smart contract for voting;

Payments from the budget for rewards, launching and managing the contest – 6500 TON Crystal.

6) Negotiations were held with a possible partner: But it was not submitted for approval due to unsatisfactory statistical data at this stage and unsettled integration mechanics.

7) TON Crystal has been added to the following aggregators, platforms and services:

On the Altcoinstalks crypto-forum (TOP 3), after long negotiations, a separate section for Free TON was created: Free TON Forum

Reached an agreement with the “ICO Analytics” project to promote listings and significant events for the Free TON;

Payments from the budget for promotion and managing – 4075 TON Crystal.

At Stage 1, 47 594 TON Crystal were used from the budget for payments. Of this, 30 100 TON Crystal was paid to the Initial Members according to workload, time spent, and results.

In the coming days, there will be payments to participants for two contests (“Activity and Support on Forums” and “Crypto Quest”). The balance will be carried over to Stage 2 and a request for tokens for Stage 2 is planned after the balance is used.

Also, Global Community SubGovernance received 561 TON Crystal in Staking income during Stage 1.

Addendum on February 17, 2021

By this point, additional payments had been made:

The Stage 1 budget has been reserved for future reward payments:

  • Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 1: Ambassadors Selection) winners for implementing programs in Stage 2 - 22500 TON Crystal;

  • Monthly rewards for the second month of the Free TON Activity and Support on Forums competition - 3250 TON Crystal;

  • Global Сommunity social platform site development - 15000 TON Crystal.

In total, 7950 TON Crystal will be transferred to Stage 2.

Given the main plan of action for Stage 2, for which the amount of tokens 150000 TON Crystal was originally agreed upon, the balance of funds from Stage 1 will be critically insufficient.


Thank you for the update!

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This is a grate update. I’ve only participated in 1 campaign so far.

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Nice report. Keep going :+1:

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Good job!

It seems that DOD is signed off-chain. It’d be better to sign it on-chain, imho. What do you think?


Therefore they need at least 1 TON, they do not have )))

But it will stimulate to obtain it what gives all this action another layer.

In general I agree with on-chain signing completely. I mean, lot of newcomers are still not involved in FreeTON economy so deeply to afford such a waste.

They are taking part in the promo campaign and receive some incentives after going through the step. Adding a step of buying 1 TON (when you get X times more) seems reasonable.

Plus, it is a way of a much higher involvement when compared to any off-chain subscribe/like/etc. Even without using tonos-cli but with ExtraTON solution.

Hi, MIchael!
I agree that signing a DOD in blockchain is much better. But when the contest was launched at the beginning of January, a lot of people didn’t know about this way of signing DOD. We are not planning to change the conditions in this quest. As an option - for future similar contests.

Not even oldies make use of that…


Yep, changing rules on the fly is no good.

But after Stage 1 they can be slightly (it’s not a big deal really) expanded for Stage 2.

It’s totally up to your subgov to decide, of course, just an idea from the air )

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I see it that any contest should have a rule of DOD on-chain signing as part of the entry conditions.

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The list of tasks, work done, goals, and results are described above in paragraphs 1-7

I agree with this. Signing the DoD off-chain really has no valuable use anymore. We’re passed that point. The only reason to sign it is to show that it has been done on-chain

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Then so simply DOD signature number associated with every new member will be a key to find just like finding new block in Bitcoin.

We can arrange a monthly contest in which anyone can participate by following rules:

  1. There should be a monthly contest for DOD just like WRC.
  2. Participants have to post very new signature number of the new member he made him to join FREE TON on the forum contest thread.
  3. Any participant posted wrong signature number once in a month will be automatically disqualified for that month contest.
  4. Participant who posted the signature number very first on the contest forum thread will be qualified for that signature number reward.
  5. Reward for each signature number will be fixed by community discussion.
  6. Participant have to submit their monthly report to claim total monthly reward.
  7. Jury have to vote on their submission report.