FreeTON Notification Service. Contest submission


  • Telegram: @rukavkov
  • Surf: 0:392300ae37bdccb044a8e2ba13f9f3a2f966f26c53a776bc10706f2ed591487d

Repository(actual readme):

FreeTON Notification Service

FNS (FreeTON Notification Service) is a http service allows you to forward encrypted messages from FreeTON Network to http(s) web services and Telegram.


  • Guarantee delivery: no one loss even a server or service unavailable. FNS will repeat to try send a callback until it is done. Or until you want to stop it.
  • Easy to use auth system: just press the link and get an access to the private area.
  • Forward messages to http(s) and telegram.
  • Super user permissions for administration the service.
  • Visual pretty interface for quick seach and detect problems.
  • Easy deploy to Kubernetes.
  • API
  • Logging errors and many other things…