Hi everyone it’s really sunny :sun_with_face: right here. Is nice to wake up coming up with something patterning the freeTON ecosystem. I don’t regret sparing much time discussing day and night about how special the freeTON ecosystem was built. It seems to be very much delighted to see many members joining this forum which shows how much the forum is really progressing… since the launch of this forum since May 7, 2020. The free TON site was built as a decentralized blockchain network by the validation and the commiunity at large.

Back to topic of discussion as we all know the freeTON ecosystem.Free TON can be referred/define to as p2p multi-blockchain system which consists of a TON Crystal (TON) token. The Free TON website and blogs are built based on the TON Protocol which is finally developed by the technologist Nikolay Durov together with Telegram team which is said to be a team work.

Right there from the ecosystem i am able to bring out some Features that makes the freeTON crystal so special. All i am referring to was the telegram channels.

FreeTON Telegram-chats and channels

  1. Community; (following/click on the below link will lead you to the group to join and ask questions regarding the freeTON ecosystem).

  1. Free TON News ;

  2. Free TON contest announcements for the community and validators:

  3. About the freeTON code;

  4. To get news regarding the TON OS you can check the link below::point_down:

This links provided are meant for validators;

  1. **FAQ for validators; **

2.**The instructions for the validators; **

  1. **Instructions for starting a depool for a validator: **

  2. Free TON Validators ;

  3. **Free TON C++ — development of Free TON C++ nodes **

  4. **Free TON Validators — TON Validators Updates; **

The Free TON surf

FreeTON Surf is a crypto wallet containing all tokens in a specific wallet , this includes the blockchain browser for secure chat. Surf is also reffered to as go-to interface with the TON OS and also with the Free TON Blockchain.

Recommended links to download TON OS

For android users:.

For ios users;

*How to Buy and sell TON of Crystals
Chatexbot ;

FreeTON_OTC OTC group for buying/selling TON Crystals tokens;


In this subtopic it will discuss how much the project is improving/progressing. The free TON has games that you can participate in it. Right below i listed some of this features that are available for now;

  1. Pokerton ; ( You can play poker for network coins directly in Telegram)

  2. News about pokerton; ( All the information channel games, including poker strategy, tournament announcements and competitions updates can be found in the telegram group).

You can follow this links to learn more about the free TON ecosystem👇

✓ freeTON commiunity website;
✓ FreeTON declaration of decentralization site Link;
✓ Free TON wiki group;
✓ Free TON forum ;
✓ Free TON contest link;

This are quite some links that built up the Free TON crystal commiunity and we hope to see more and more special features that makes it so unique.

You are all welcome to FreeTON crystal forum🙏


Cry good work thank you for this topic