Free TON will meet with you at the World Blockchain Conference 2021 in Hangzhou

Free TON will meet you at the World Blockchain Conference 2021 in Hangzhou

Free TON, as a global project, has made a good influences worldwide since the main network was launched on May 7, 2020. It’s right time for domestic marketing and branding among Chinese crypto communities. Therefore Chinese sub-governance has reached a decision to join the World Blockchain conference 2021 in Hangzhou on July 24, 2021 and has secureda booth from the organizers to showcase Free TON to a wider user in China.

【About The Conference】

  • Time: 2021.7.24-25
  • Theme: Infinite future

A little bit of background

The World Blockchain Conference 2021 is guided by the Hangzhou (headquartered alibaba and many others) Municipal Government, hosted by the Yuhang District Government, and organized by the Hangzhou Future Science and Technology City Management Committee and 8BTC (a leading blockchain information service provider in China). Hangzhou’s “14th Five-Year Plan” proposes to build the “Blockchain Capital of China”, and as the strategic origin of digital economy, Hangzhou takes blockchain and cloud computing technology as an important carrier of innovation. Therefore, as an official conference hosted by the Chinese government, World Blockchain Conference is one of the largest and highest profile blockchain events in China with the largest number of participants.

The World Blockchain Conference has been successfully held three times before in Wuzhen and Wuhan, China. Since 2018, the total number of participants of the annual World Blockchain Conference has exceeded 17,000, with more than 300 top tier guests such as experts and scholars, technology gurus, opinion leaders, and founders of popular projects invited to share their views. The media coverage of the whole network exceeds 20 million people.

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【Conference content】

Day-1 Topics are about the blockchain industry and digital asset space.

Day-2 Topics are about DeFi and NFT

【Topics of the conference】

  • Core topic 1: Clearer Policy! The Road to Blockchain Industrialization in China.

  • Core topic 2: DeFi’s updated investment roadmap after the super pull-back.

  • Topic 3: London Upgrade, Ether 2.0 and Layer2: Where is ETH going?

  • Topic 4: NFT+ Metaverse Explosion, How do we participate in the virtual world?

  • Topic 5: The Kusama slot auction is officially opened, how to create a frenzy in the ecology of Polkadot again?

  • Topic 6: Swarm joins the battle, who is the winner of the decentralized storage?

【Activity highlights】

  • Leading the way

The conference will gather leaders from Chinese ministries, provinces and municipalities and more than 100 global blockchain, digital asset, DeFi, NFT blockchain experts and scholars, industry leaders, technology experts, opinion leaders, investors and famous media, etc. Such as FTX co-founder and CEO, Serum consultant SamBankman-Fried (SBF), Aave and Compound founders Stani Kulechov and Robert Leshner, and MakerDAO Foundation China head Pan Chao and other global DeFi project founders will participate in the conference. With the theme of Infinite Future, they will discuss the latest hotspots, application implementation and technology frontier of blockchain.

  • Art fusion

The blockchain technology application achievement exhibition of the conference not only has the blockchain landing achievement exhibition in various fields, but also has crypto art exhibition, crypto art peripheral, charity auction and other contents, so that you can feel the NFT broken circle application on live. In addition, NFT global enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, investors, crypto artists, traditional art session big names focus on this conference. You can deeply feel the fusion and infinite imagination of technology and art in the conference.

  • Events feast

In addition to the World Blockchain Conference, there are peripheral activities such as blockchain industry roadshows, technology forums, social dinners, etc. This conference is even Hangzhou Blockchain International Week.

  • Attracting business

The conference focuses on the latest trends in technology, industry and can recruit quality projects and attract blockchain talent.

【Why Join?】

  • On June 7, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and the Cyberspace Administration of China jointly issued an important document, which requires that the comprehensive strength of blockchain industry in China will reach the world advanced level, and the scale of the industry will grow by 2025. The World Blockchain Conference Hangzhou 2021 will be the first large-scale blockchain conference in China since the issuance of this document. Leading alliance chains, unicorn companies, well-known blockchain industrial parks, as well as some traditional famous companies transforming blockchain and academy researchers of China will participate in the blockchain industry conference, and Free TON will discuss blockchain industrialization in China and technology of Free TON with these companies and organizations.

  • Free TON as the future of blockchain fits the theme of this conference - Infinite Future. In the context of policy to promote the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy in China, the full presentation of Free TON through the conference can promote the application of Free TON technology in the Chinese market.

  • The conference can reach out to global cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors, and attract more users who are interested in Free TON. Through the conference, we can showcase the technology, products and brand of Free TON to global blockchain experts and scholars, famous economists, well-known entrepreneurs and investors. We can reach out and learn about blockchain projects around the world, and will be looking for opportunities to collaborate and further expand the FreeTON market.

We welcome and appreciate any support and help from main community, including project intro material, brochure and souvenirs design… etc. Anything helping people understand and get interested in freeTON will be appreciated! Let’s make freeTON shine!

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Free TON与你相约在2021世界区块链大会·杭州

Free TON作为一个全球项目,于2020年5月7日主网启动至今,在全球范围内取得了很好的发展。作为下一代区块链的Free TON,中国社区决定出席2021年7月24日在杭州举办的“2021世界区块链大会·杭州”,并向主办方购买了展位,以向更多的人展示Free TON的魅力。


  • 大会时间:2021年7月24日-25日

  • 大会主题:“无限未来”

  • 大会背景



:small_red_triangle: 历届大会现场图

  • 大会内容

Day-1 围绕区块链产业和数字资产领域。

Day-2 DeFi和NFT

  • 大会核心议题

  • 核心议题1:政策更明朗!中国区块链产业化之路

  • 核心议题2:超级回撤后,DeFi的最新投资路线图

  • 议题3:伦敦升级、以太坊2.0、Layer2三大变革来袭,ETH走向何方

  • 议题4:NFT+元宇宙大爆发,我们如何进入虚拟世界?

  • 议题5:Kusama插槽拍卖正式开启,看波卡生态如何再掀狂澜

  • 议题6:Swarm加入战局,分布式存储群雄逐鹿谁主浮沉?


  • 引领趋势

大会将聚集中国部委省市领导和百余位全球区块链、数字资产、DeFi、NFT的国内外区块链专家学者、行业头部知名大咖、技术大咖、意见领袖、投资人及知名媒体等齐聚一堂,如全球DeFi知名人物FTX联合创始人兼CEO,Serum顾问SamBankman-Fried(SBF),以太坊TOP级项目Aave和Compound的创始人Stani Kulechov 和Robert Leshner,以及MakerDAO基金会中国区负责人潘超等全球DeFi项目创始人都将出席会议,以“无限未来”为主题,围绕区块链的最新热点、应用落地和技术前沿等进行讨论,引领区块链行业趋势,赋能区块链行业进化。

  • 艺术融合


  • 活动盛宴


  • 招商引智



  • 6月7日,中国工信部、中央网信办联合发布重要文件,要求到2025年,中国区块链产业综合实力达到世界先进水平,产业初具规模。世界区块链大会·杭州将是该文件颁布以来国内首个大型区块链峰会,中国头部的联盟链大厂、独角兽企业、知名区块链产业园,以及一些转型区块链的传统名企、学院派的研究人员都将出席区块链行业峰会,Free TON将同这些企业和组织一起探讨中国区块链产业化及Free TON的技术。

  • 契合大会“无限未来”的主题,“TON向未来”。Free TON作为下一代区块链,在以抓住区块链技术融合、功能拓展、产业细分的契机,推动区块链和实体经济深度融合的中国政策背景下,通过大会充分展现Free TON的区块链应用场景,可以推动Free TON在中国市场的应用。

  • 大会可以接触到全球加密货币爱好者,投资者,吸引更多对Free TON感兴趣的用户。通过大会,将FreeTON的技术、产品、品牌展示给国内外知名区块链专家学者、著名经济学家、知名企业家及投资人。我们可以接触并了解全球各式各样的区块链项目,并寻求合作的机会,进一步扩大FreeTON市场。



А что граница уже открыта ?

NO.need to arrive early, need to quarantine,

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This is a very heavyweight meeting and Freeton can attend Great :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Unfortunately, not yet, but you can join us online! :blush:

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Давайте криптосообществом насядем и открыть границы ? Мне кроссовки купить надо , Я быстро купить - через реку живу Амур )

wow, nice opportunity! would you want to share this on the next weekly call, before the event? Show the booth too :slight_smile:


Yes sure. We are glad to present this :smiley:

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Preparation updates

  1. Business cards
    A social necessity for sub-governance member conferences.

  2. booklet
    We have now completed the design of the first version of the booklets. We will be preparing three designs with an introduction to free ton technology, debot and NFT.

  3. Poster
    The content of the posters will correspond to the content of the booklet and so far we have designed three posters.

  4. T-shirts
    What kind of clothes will the participants wear at the conference? Here are our T-shirt designs.

We are still working on the booth design, so stay tuned!

We will be updating these designs as we go along, so look out for them at the conference!



我们目前已经完成了第一版小册子的设计。我们会准备三种设计,内容分别是free ton技术的介绍、debot和NFT。






Awesome! Love the poster designs as well, really vibrant. <3 Please showcase everything on the next weekly call and tell us about the upcoming event!<3

Brilliant Design! Let’s rock and shine on site!

Amazing stuff! Full support! :raised_hands: