Free TON Whitepaper

Here is a draft of my version of Free TON Whitepaper. It is a draft so the work is still on going but I feel it is good time to involve the community in the discussion of this vision. You are welcome to comment in this thread.


Excellent effort but can’t we include infographics, flowcharts, and figures of Free TON blockchain architecture in the whitepaper?

After the comments period there will be some pics


Great will check with team

I think now I know who Satoshi Nakamoto is. :slightly_smiling_face:


Notable excerpt: ‘What is important is that the TON native crypto currency is used not only as a store of value by the scarcity of its reserves but also as means to participate in all projects created directly as an outcome of the Meritocratic Token Distribution mechanism.’

This is something not only admirable, but factual. We, Free TON, are incomparable.


wow, such a big work

Thanks for your great work. Can we add a graphic of the tokenomics to see clearly the % of the supply between governance, validators… ?
Tokenomics is also a crucial point to see if à project is valuable…
And also, we could add a clear guideline with maybe chapters and sub chapter? It will be easier to read imo.
Thanks again for this work :ok_hand:


The white paper is what is needed and it is good that the community can now also take part in this.

The topic of tits is so poorly elaborated
The work needs more computer graphics

Tokenomics are not about pie charts
The value must flow

There is nothing about WFN + Graphql + SDK. I assume it should be included also

I’m not sure that address calculation, DeNS, DriveChain and searching by contract code and contract data will fullfill all needs to write TrueDApp… I believe idea of Free TON RTDB also should be considered.


“You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave!”
~ Eagles, Hotel California

“DePool Wallet can accept the user’s funds… The user coin never leaves the DePool Wallet”
~ Mitja Goroshevsky, Free TON Whitepaper 1.8.3

@Mitja I think this could use a little rewording :grin:


if we kill the idea of shards and hypercube messaging and replace them by threads, how do threads communicate?

Or rather, how can a smart contract on one thread send a message to a smart contract on another thread?


just like they do today. as we deactivated hypercoub routing quite some time ago.


Oh, I never realized what hupercube routing actually meant… I always assumed it was like it is now, but only now looked it up…
Yeah, that really is ridiculously inefficient…


Hi Mitja, here’s some feedback from a member of our team:

"A lot of work has been done, that gives an opportunity to deep imbue with the concept philosophy, presented by a pleasant scientific-literary style. Some discussion points:

  1. Intuitively, users would like to see a visual representation of the Meritocratic Token Distribution (MTD) model.
  2. In the Economy section, in the first paragraph “Our target is to create an economy for the operating system whose main distinguishing asset is its malleability.” May be suggested to replacing “malleability” with “flexibility” as a more appropriate economic term.
  3. In section ###, “Bottom line, there is no effective mechanism to fight against monopoly in a modern society.” - controversial statement
  4. A footnote on page 42 “proposed here 15” link not working, error 404
  5. It would be useful to add a “tokenomics” section.

Anna Petrenko, :wink:
PhD in Economics, associate professor


Really needed document! Hope to see more infographics as well!


Thank you for your feedback!

Nassim Taleb discusses this at length in his book " Antifragile: Things That Gain from Disorder". Flexibility is most definitely not the term we are looking for. as flexibility implies not resistant to the change in form. Modern economics does not have a proper word for it. This is precisely why Taleb has invented a word. Yet we have found a better alternative. Malleability is in fact an english word for antifragility. It has to be “beaten” to take a shape but it is eventually taking it.

a) a world of blockchain is full of controversial statements. Without them there is no innovation.
b) Facebook, Google, Microsoft to some extend and definitely before, Amazon in big parts of the world etc… its not controversial. It is a matter of fact.

Chapter one is all about it.

Thank you , again.


Great and long-awaited work, I am proud to be part of this team led by Mitja! Noticed some typos, please give editor access so I can help fix them.