Free TON Weekly Meetup #26. New sub-governances update

:speech_balloon:Free TON Weekly Meetup #26. New sub-governances update

Today, October 27, at 12.00 UTC we are going to make our Weekly Meetup🙌 Please mark you calendars✅

:clipboard:Agenda for today

  1. Token distribution for sub-governances, contests & initial member vesting payout update
  2. New sub-governances update
  3. New contests in the pipeline
  4. DeBots, DePools & Magister Ludi validator distributions.
  5. Clarity of the position regarding Formal Verification Part 2 Contest

:microphone:Q&A section

  1. From call participants
  2. From YouTube
  3. From those who wrote questions to us with the hashtag #FreeTON_WM26

:point_right:YouTube livestream link​:point_left:

Prepare your questions! Follow the news!



We shall follow link to ask questions whenever we have questions regarding forum.:ok_hand:

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Distinctive and wonderful organization for this good project. We will follow the course of events and developments continuously to get the best experience in cryptocurrencies through this unique code. Thanks for all the efforts that are provided and the opportunities and competitions that support the project.


Thanks to the developers who have contributed and dedicated their time in helping TON network. I have just updated my mobile TON wallet and it’s working suitably.
The meet up was great and the weekly update.