Free TON Weekly Meetup #24. Token distribution results

Today, October 13, at 12.00 UTC, we are going to make our Weekly Meetup. There are many interesting topics😉

:clipboard:Agenda for today

  1. Token distribution results
  2. Partnerships
  3. Sub-governance update
  4. Jury voting discussion

:microphone:Q&A section

  1. From call participants
  2. From YouTube
  3. From those who wrote questions to us with the hashtag #FreeTON_WM24

:point_right:Youtube livestream link:point_left:

:warning:If you cannot join this time, then you can drop your question in the Free TON chats using the hashtag #FreeTON_WM24, and we will try to answer it on the Livestream.

We will wait for you!:wink:



Great news!!! Hope to join this time!