Free TON Weekly Meetup #19. Governance 1.3

:speech_balloon:Free TON Weekly Meetup #19. Governance 1.3

Today, September 8, at 12:00 UTC time, we invite you on our Weekly Free TON Community Meetup🥳

:clipboard:We are going to discuss:

  1. Governance 1.2 contest status: voting
  2. Governance 1.3 group development updates
  3. Front-end infrastructure status for staking


  1. From call participants
  2. From YouTube
  3. From those who wrote questions to us with the hashtag #FreeTON_WM19

:point_right:Youtube livestream link

We will be happy to see you!:raised_hands:



Ку! Чекни название Темы :wink:


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Thank you, Michael! Fixed!

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