Free TON Vietnam Community Management Contest results

Thanks to all participants! We appreciate your activity.

Our congratulations to the winners of the contest - it is a lot of work to do!

List of winners:

Submission/id Submission/Participant address Total points Avg. points
Submission 5 0:2d7ae4b108cbaf8ad84dd6efbd2f1dbba503b26e81ace0b2174c31a09362ee8a 137 9.78
Submission 6 0:75c9744bb5c0690898443fb2159c30e3245c84f3bcb0ec700754869d9770eed8 125 9.61
Submission 4 0:89de5779858811e22f1c2b0fa8e0282c86cb5c6e0a1ef49e40508080e338542a 123 9.46

According to the terms of contest, the winners have next tasks and duties:

  • Maintain Telegram group: target minimum 600 new live members a quarter;
  • Maintain Youtube channel: content creation with one or two videos a month. Increase minimum 50 subscribers per month;
  • Maintain Facebook page: target two or three posts per week;
  • Maintain Twitter community: same content like in Facebook/ Youtube;
  • Join and support Free TON Vietnam’s online/offline events;
  • Answer questions of Free TON members in Telegram, fanpage Facebook and Twitter.

Rewards: Each of the 3 winners will receive 395.8 TON Crystal monthly for 2 years.


Congratulations to all winners. Hope they will bring more users and influencers into the Free TON ecosystem😊.