Free TON United Show

Free TON is a blockchain initiative at very early stage with an aim of decentralisation. In our community there are less than 200 active community members and active members/users are the real strength of any open network.
Everyone here is wants to become the boss of FreeTON but what we are thinking about our next community is more important.
We are giving away millions of TONs to our partners without any network growth proof. Decentralisation is a meaning of expansion for any network/group/organization but we are just giving away TONs without any expansion in FreeTON userbase.
Ask real community of Free TON for expansion of userbase with their ideas and they can fulfill it very effectively and efficiently.
Community who work for FreeTON isn’t as important as partnerships because partners can run away overnight without fullfilling any promise.

We can’t divert userbase of any private entity for joining Free TON but we can create a system of FreeTON in which everyone can falls for freedom.



I have a similar feeling.
We are giving partners some TONs and they are going to distribute TONs onto their own userbase, and we only have a little hope that perhaps some new members will join us. But why we don’t appreciate the members of our community who have join Free TON directly?

After 6 months, it has been proved that not all the community members are able to win on contests, although they are very active on the forum and have indirect positive influences on the evolvement of Free TON. If we refuse to give them rewards through airdrop or something similar to Forum Influencer Contests, we will push them to move form Free TON to the partners of Free TON in order to get some profit (TONs) from them, probably.

This is a little crazy to me. We expected that our partners promote Free TON, but in reality we are going to promote the partners (in addition to paying them so many TONs) by sending our members towards them.

I hope you will not find my words discordant. I’m just a little worried about the future of Free TON (and also myself, to be honest).