Free TON Token Distribution Stats 17/06/2021✅

Dear friends, we publish a table with token distribution for the whole period of the project existence.

:point_right:Token Distribution Stats table:point_left:

The table is valid through 17/06/2021✅

Thank you all for your help in compiling this table by a responsive member of the Free TON community!


Nice! I don’t fully understand something though.
What does the subside mean?
Does it come from the Main Governance?
Why does it go back to the Validator Giver?
Why did it go to the Main Governance on the first place?

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Hi! Sure))

  1. Subsidy for Magister Ludi winner (POS), they can validate and increase their stake
  2. Yes
  3. Because it is Subsidy:)))
  4. Didn’t get? Why will it go back? Because it is Subsidy)))
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Dear Roman Hi, Thank you for this useful information. Really great. I have a question. When will Surf Onboard campaign be implemented?


After all Magister Ludi validators will come to the main I think)


:mega:Stats have been updated. The table is valid for 24/12/2020