Free TON Sport Subgovernance proposal

Short description:

We propose to create Free TON Sport Sub-governance. The creation of Free TON Sport Sub-governance will make it possible to popularize Free TON among people who are actively involved in sports, including extreme sports and lead a healthy lifestyle; and to improve health of all Free TON members.




Increase popularity of the Free TON community and technology by attracting athletes and fans from all over the world, organizing and holding online and offline sports events for a wide variety of athletes and beginners. This will help attract new members - trainers, athletes, bloggers, individual, team and extreme sports enthusiasts and their families to our unique ecosystem.


Free TON Sport ecosystem to include:

  1. Creation of Free TON SPORT brand (symbols, slogans, intro music and other brand components) for use in the future in stickers, banners, advertisements, cards, accessories, videos, sites, thereby increasing popularity of the Free TON Community.

  2. Attracting the first athletes from the Free TON community through news posts in telegram groups.

  3. Free TON will provide an incentive to do exercise every day and lead a healthier lifestyle.

  4. Creation of a joint action and ideas group Telegram: Contact @freeton_sports for athletes, promotion participants and other interested community members who are ready to increase the role of sports in theirs and others’ lives.

  5. Creation and maintenance of TikTok, Instagram and youtube channel with publication of all information about contests, planned events, videos of participants and news information of sports events in the world. NOTE: This shall be done using best practices and cooperation with other Sub-Governances such as Community Voice and Analytics and Support…

  6. Assistance in the implementation of online training for coaches and masters of sports with payment through TON Crystal (support in the processing and implementation of methodological materials, creation of tools for video, text, bots, applications, posting on websites). NOTE: This shall be done using best practices and cooperation with other Sub-Governances such as Free TON Academy.

  7. Hosting popular tournaments on media platforms and placing tournaments on video resources.

  8. Partnership with athletes, trainers, extreme people which will go under the flags, brands, business cards, banners, in things Free TON on activities that will increase awareness of the project and the community.

  9. Carrying out Challenges on Instagram, Tik Tok and other social networks. Examples: (Who will push out more and pull up on the horizontal bar and who will run the 100-meter course faster, etc. with prizes and awards and strict video fixation that will be evaluated by the jury)

  10. Creating an application or integration with Google Fit, Apple Health, Strava and maintaining ratings and other elements. Creation of an athlete card containing all relevant sport achievements and health information. Also with permission from the owner opening access to pages on social networks, collecting contacts, information about the athlete (whether he/she conducts training online and offline and in which cities, if so, their cost and payment terms strictly in TON Crystal.

It shall be possible to check the honesty of counterparties and issue a warning, fines or a block of an athlete’s card, add reviews, tags of participation in events left by the creators of the application, organizers of events.

After the event - if a person participated in them and any medals won should also be visible in the card, with rewards having a value like NFT.

  1. Conducting events in various sports - marathons, sports festivals, hiking, yoga and others when allowed in respective countries.

  2. Design and creation of Sports Merchandise in collaboration with FREETONSHOP and Web & Design Sub-governances.

  3. Conducting a bounty program to attract users to the Free TON ecosystem.

  4. Distribution of prizes to participants in TON Crystal distribution of gifts/presents/charity with Free TON SPORT brand.

  5. Awarding NFT medals for outstanding Community achievements.

Summary table or respectfully requested rewards for the first 3 month period of Free TON SPORT Sub-Governance activity:

Activity name TONs
1 Launch of a series of Free TON contests (challenges) related to sports and a healthy lifestyle in popular social networks. 20000
4 Creation of identity (merch, logo, font, RF Code and pattern for social media). 1650
3 Extreme sports video contest. 3300
5 Influencers cost. 5000
6 Sponsoring online and offline sport events. 4000
7 Development of challenges. 3000
8 Maintaining social networks. 6000
9 One-off costs of welcoming a new active member of the community. 1000
10 Administration of contests and proposals. 3000
11 Creation of a small batch of merchandise to be distributed to the winners in competitions, to Influencers who will promote Free TON SPORT, to trainers who will provide their services for TON Crystals, and thus will create demand among external audience for FREETONSHOP products 1000
12 Development of a service and tools for creating NTF tokens for winners in contests, challenge 48000
Total 95950

Description of the field of activity:

More about planned events activities.

  • Launch of a series of contests (challenge) related to sports and a healthy lifestyle to increase the visibility of the Free TON Community on popular social networks (Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and etc).

Among athletes and people leading a healthy lifestyle.

Example: Telegram: Contact @freeton_sports , Telegram: Contact @freeton_sports

Launch 25 and more сhallenges. Prize pool - 600 TON Crystal. Number of participants - 100 . Total: 20000 TON Crystal.

  • Creation of identity - unique design for social networks, flags, T-shirts, baseball caps,shorts, leggings etc. (for contestants, Influencers, FREETONSHOP buyers), sports, video intros, patterns, colors.

Total: 1650 TON Crystal

  • Sports extreme video contest with Free TON symbols for motivation and recognition of the project. In Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, YouTube. Will create a viral effect in sports and increase the recognition of Free TON among the general population. Minimum audience and ER (participation) requirements will be set for participants.

Participant award - 3000 TON Crystal. Total: 3300 TON Crystal.

  • Creation of a small batch of merch. Merchandise will be distributed to the winners in competitions, for Influencers who will publish their videos with the Free TON logo, trainers who will provide their services for TON Crystals, will create a demand for an external audience for FREETONSHOP products.

Total: 1000 TON Crystal.

  • Influencers.Influencers will make publications about conducting challenges, recording training videos, leading athletes.

Participant award - 5000 TON Crystal.

  • Participation in tournaments of various kinds of sports. Allows you to get a mention in the news and social networks of the tournament organizers.

Total: 4000 TON Crystal

  • Development of challenges: directions, requirements for participants, cost accounting, reporting, optimization, use of popular applications and brainstorming.

Total: 3000 TON Crystal

  • Maintaining social networks. The main focus is Instagram, TikTok, where there is a large audience of users. Next in importance are YouTube and Twitter, the publication of news and reports.

Total: 6000 TON Crystal

  • Disposable encouraging a new active member of the community.

Participant reward - 0.5 TON Crystal. Total: 1000 TON Crystal.

  • Development of a service and tools for creating NTF tokens for winners in contests, challenge and etc. Service with the ability to select a specific image. Instructions for manual creation with detailed description.

Necessarily interaction with debot. Support TIP-3, Abi and sources. Voting will be by a jury of NFT and DevEx Sub-Governance.

Participant reward - 40000 TON Crystal. Total: 48000 TON Crystal.

Initiative members:

  1. Andew Vinter, Telegram: Contact @andrew_vinter, 80bd40922a6b808825989096e378727bb321c81746809d324183f6be8bc82fae

  2. Victor Tsoi, Telegram: Contact @mr_victortsoi, c486bccce764f55ddd3a82b8a4efdf6cfa91350f773f23ab54aee3878c87545a

  3. Evgenii Krasnodarskii, Telegram: Contact @krasnodar_sky, ca7c863598ecf5516662072df6343664fa0777c8099ad05955ba3ba9a45c47ce

  4. Ayk, Telegram: Contact @Ayk888, 18b750251db5298d92e4c6c25d83d2d1aea8fe4905d6395e697d3ccfree0309e6

  5. Anton, Telegram: Contact @Excalibur_Code, 76f4d7aa180035434e159743181b9afd8185cce1d92269466b30e0d1823b9ad4

  6. Elsbeth, Telegram: Contact @ElsbethTheOne, 1c4220d2cc02716af605642182c18881ab1a70e2a64e37162224f3856b76a467

  7. Eugene Morozov, Telegram: Contact @emmorozov, d619450856863ef3f4d33285cbef40ac75dbe8e5ef3eb71e24b58963f9485c83

  8. Ivan, Telegram: Contact @ivan_asbc, 9dd5482e9461e02aa0394514bf38ce31587ee0a6da4a8271b84b27ac3f6206c1

  9. Svetlana, Telegram: Contact @LuminaRash, 6c063871164d4e6dafeabdfb0512b43b0b90edca08a7aaa072eef0613b81d267

  10. Grigoriy, Telegram: Contact @Grigoriy2000, fd9333c65b8ac909f74a9f905bd8e95c4019c62bb9cfdbc65f50e3ac081d2577

  11. Maria, Telegram: Contact @agafonovam, 3a2a0911e2eded20b9ed7c1913139bc4b40f85a4eaea060a95a5c17c6ffc0c71

  12. Katerina, Telegram: Contact @kate_fth, f721a4a3f5c8bab5446ea465a0bbd51e2d4b50692df2989f3d83eefd4d825bd0

  13. Nastya, Telegram: Contact @Nastka1, bb2152fc36cb44b6d358f1a8f25a9cae8d1786bf84a315d2c2cf789ed636aca3


Initial request for the Free TON Sport Sub-governance development program - 95950 TON Crystal.

Multisig address: 0:3c2678adaff5a41999e33cdd55da733a8fafd4c7f02d61b4830d06dfe6016230

Free TON Sport chat - Telegram: Contact @freeton_sports

Challenge announcement example - example.mp4 - Google Drive


a great entry point for crypto beginners who follow a healthy lifestyle!


In one of the first challenges, you will need to run / drive a route in the form of a crystal, and fix this using an application, for example Relive.
An example of a Relive video - relive example challenge.MP4 - Google Drive
Details of the challenge will be announced later.

Один из первых челленджей будет заключаться в следующем: надо будет пробежать/проехать маршрут в форме кристала, и зафиксировать это с помощью приложения, например Relive.
Пример видео из приложения Relive - relive example challenge.MP4 - Google Drive
Более подробные требования будут составлены позже.


Достойное предложение и запросы весьма скромные
Поддерживаю начинание.


Полностью поддерживаю


Sport is power! FreeTon is power!


Спорт- здоровье, поддерживаю!


Super! Sport is strength, and health is most important! I support it completely, we have been waiting for this direction for a long time!:+1:


Yeeeeeah!!! Good news))


:+1::heart: Отличный план! Нужно поддержать!


Поддерживаю данное предложение. Думаю оно поможет в продвижении Фри ТОН. Также это будет способствовать укреплению контактов внутри сообщества.


Спорт - это жизнь, это здоровье! С помощью спорта мы можем продвигать блокчейн фритон!
Я думаю у нас все получится!


Why only sport but it should be Sports And Entertainment Subgovernance.


Хорошее приложении . Очень качественно все сделано советую.


Привет. Считаю это прекрасной идеей. Желаю что бы предложение одобрили


Конкурсы, популяризации фритон, спорт, здоровый образ жизни

Поддерживаю создание субуправление free ton sport


Вот настоящие гении идей! Удачи!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Nice idea, my support !



As one of the authors of this Proposal I naturally give my full support. To mу it is very important for all Community members and their families to practice healthy and balanced lifestyle which for many of us means modifying our daily routine to include sport and exercise!

Thank you!


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