Free TON SMM Renewal Contest. Q4 Weeks 5-6

Short description

Rewarding news of SMM Group who posted content within the framework of the SMM SubGovernance Table (Q4 Weeks 5-6) on the internal resources of the Free TON project (Blog, YouTube)


Free TON Renewal Blog contest


23 November - 30 November 2020

The procedure for submitting works

The submission must be completed in PDF (Table and what was done during the Q4 Weeks 5-6 period in the SMM Report table)

The contractor must submit the work himself with the estimated cost of his labor based on the SMM Report table.

In each work that was completed, it is necessary to indicate the number of calculation units. (words, minutes, etc).


  • Each of the Initial Free TON SMM can vote on your submission.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions.

Jury rewards:

An amount equal to 10% of the sum of all actually awarded tokens will be evenly distributed among all jury members who voted and provided feedback. Both voting and feedback are required to receive the award.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or entities.


I think this report table should be in english for global reach.

Yeah, we are waiting for the contest!

Applied to the article.
Telegram: @elagai
Address 0:91dc4ad407c8b6dc24f5d86a0a8cce45ca7da6aa41ed73ab99eeffe65c8eb4cd


SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Adrian Chase

Telegram ID: @DoWhateverItTakes

My wallet: 0:1b72192b6909438d221fc8d1db7f2b37935ccd1cf8d51578e921af73628a3c97

SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Evgeny Berdnikov

Telegram id: @soundsond

Ton surf id:


SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Артем Юдин

Telegram id: @yudinao

Ton surf id: 0:bc878da99e0dc2aedd5ec5edee6c05d9fce1bca7d185775a6189d55a20b19f28

Hello, when will more languages be added into Free TON blog. People from other languages (In addition to Russian and English) can’t activate? @Aleso please.

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SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Andrew Andmans

Telegram ID: @andmans

Wallet: 0:2110626322a857753263d335d0cac7b9d16a210b1791b05c739ef48e1acf0751

i do agree with you, its world wide community and we must provide various language to attrace more people join in free ton community.


SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Senya

Telegram ID: @senya_dz

wallet: 0:28f1f2b44107f3619bc9e6374966747064636bbd5ed4f0473a873a41ab126f49

SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Katerina

Telegram ID: @kekerya

My wallet: 0:ad30271d3ee3052e7d64093d1f812a8cbf06ce51f781405013b822ee81b128cd

SMM Sub-governance submission

Имя: alina

Telegram ID: @alina_manager

Мой кошелек: 0:fdfa2569319253cdb534d99dab56ccb50cd16bde67d31bef432b91dc42794021

SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: bubbalex

Telegram ID: @bubbalex

Surf Wallet: 0:3093606a98a0a175c38acdc19f2aaa3ac609315e20748efc4d4abb2e74a1cd6e