Free TON SMM Renewal Contest 2021. February-April

Short description

Rewarding news of SMM Group who posted content within the framework of the SMM SubGovernance Table (February, March, April) on the internal resources of the Free TON project


Free TON SMM Renewal contest

Contest dates

April 26 - April 28, UTC day.

The procedure for submitting works

The submission must be completed in PDF (Table and what was done during the February, March, April period in the SMM Report table and according current content plan

The contractor must submit the work himself with the estimated cost of his labor based on the SMM Report table.

In each work that was completed, it is necessary to indicate the number of calculation units. (words, minutes, etc).

Producel remarks

  • Content and work should be useful for the Free TON Community
  • Copy-paste are not allowed
  • High quality of work


  • Each of the Initial Free TON SMM can vote on your submission.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.
  • Performance evaluation: 0-5 points (up to 5) = 50% of the work is paid. 5-8 points (More than 5 and up to 8) = 75% of the work is paid. 8-10 points (More than 8 and up to 10) = 100% paid.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions.

Jury rewards:

An amount equal to 10% of the sum of all actually awarded tokens will be evenly distributed among all jury members who voted and provided feedback. Both voting and feedback are required to receive the award.


SMM Sub-governance submission
Name: Sergey
Telegram ID: @elagai
Address: 0:91dc4ad407c8b6dc24f5d86a0a8cce45ca7da6aa41ed73ab99eeffe65c8eb4cd

SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Artem

Telegram ID: @yudinao

Wallet: 0:d3a9fdad2f902f003ea6bcf2f7e072ae8b3c70c91811e8b4b6d4157ee8435bc6

SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Woney Fest

Telegram ID: @moqub

My wallet: 0:a19bb3f75057490fd24c79f23c784db573bdf17dd75c955565b9ba3d439b5c3a

SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: No Name

Telegram ID: @No_name_c3po

My wallet: 0:9e5976a6522e087b553416f33ee0efc8f5609c984ae6283df05f2775b8844424

SMM Sub-governance submission
Name: Yu_ya3110
Telegram ID: @yu_ya3110
Address: 0:6b7910f3ef653e36b76583acb3b7943071bb5341c49242d590a5c0b87c42d77a

SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: kylas
Telegram ID: @m4rketolog
Wallet: 0:d72e35153045a0b220299c6a883e9566cf153176ef5a6f736a964f61d727f5e5

My submission.
Wallet: 0:e7eeeee16bdd1b27b1d9b8d1d916c8b5c92f40e9f8ee59aa6a13da8b6bccc2dd

SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Evgeny Berdnikov

Telegram id: @soundsond

Ton surf id: 0:b2f7b29780ef96edfdce3fccb0b36787b2c5d0c10a9c0de728b527bf49c4df60

SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Andrew Andmans

Telegram Username: @andmans

Wallet: 0:2110626322a857753263d335d0cac7b9d16a210b1791b05c739ef48e1acf0751

SMM Sub-governance submission
Name: Katya
Telegram ID: @kekerya
Address: 0:e8cfa8749a30449479d85e65105652c3d18bfaeb726bea25771ed94cd533f8c0

SMM Sub-governance submission
Forum name: giarmul
Telegram ID: @giarmul
Wallet: 0:a1ea34dca2e765275b40837a54174708a9904442378016595b0b3817ce2e4f8d

SMM Sub-governance Submission
Name: Darkwing Dark
Telegram ID: @ducktalesblock
Address: 0:c0efbaaa82ea20862cc7b49fdd57288275eae56ff92832c5c948a37943888691

SMM Sub-governance submission
Name: Svetoslav Bauer
Telegram ID: @tgbauer
My wallet: