Free TON Self-Assessment

In fact, many interesting works have been done by Free TON (Developers, Validators, Community members, Partners, SGs, etc).

However, unfortunately, Free TON is not still well-known by Crypto market & industry community.



скоро все изменится, а пока есть уникальная возможность копить позицию в токенах!

I don’t want to compare. I believe that Free TON is much better than Solana. But you can see the results of Solana team efforts in its current price. This is strange a bit. Free TON has many great fuctions such as Defi, NFT, Smart contracts, Use cases, Etc. But, some weaker blockchains show better results than Free TON. This is a question for me personally. Why?

you are right .
why?why? I want to know .

It looks like there are problems with marketing and promoting Free TON. But apparently this stage has not yet arrived. Now Free TON is gaining its technical strength …

Похоже, что есть проблемы с маркетингом и продвижением Free TON. Но судя по всему просто еще не пришел этот этап. Сейчас Free TON набирает свою техническую прочность…