Free TON rebranding to Everscale


We propose to rebrand the Free TON network to the Everscale network.


We need to remove the limits put on us by the TON brand/story legacy to be able to grow in a new phase of the project. Specifically to be able to achieve listings on large exchanges and be able to do large partnerships, particularly in the US. TON legacy significantly limits us in that today as proven many times now by different community teams. Furthermore, at least two other projects using the TON brand (Toncoin and Chinese TON) add to the identity dilution and confusion on the market.

Lastly and very importantly, the upcoming migration to the Rust node (which enabled a recent breakthrough on throughput) away from the C++ code creates perfect momentum for the rebranding away from TON. The identity of the newly selected brand (Everscale) will enable us to reposition the network with more focus and direction on what we want to stand for in the vibrant global blockchain/crypto market.

Selection process

After consensus on the need to rebrand was achieved at the end of September there has been a broad brainstorming process with multiple branding ideas coming from the community at large, global governance, engaged Wachsman agency. The brief was to come up with the positioning/brand name that reflects the key strength of the network - scalability in performance, openness, and decentralization. Shortlists have been periodically preliminary voted for in global governance and the larger community.

A final shortlist of 7 names (Everscale, Hyperscale, Nucleus, Seqond, Scaled, Protos, and Finality) went into deeper due diligence on SEO prospects and trademark availability. As a result of those analyses, a clear winner emerged - Everscale, which gives reasonable SEO prospects and trademark availability in the key classes where we need to protect. Furthermore and most importantly, the consensus was achieved that Everscale is most precise on our target positioning. It enables us to own “unlimited scalability of governance, community, performance, and adoption”.

The winning name got unanimous support in the preliminary vote of the global governance and majority support at the community vote.


Rebrand the ecosystem:

  • The network name from the Free TON to Everscale;
  • The network currency from TON Crystal to Everscale;
  • The network currency ticker from TON to EVER.





Let’s send EVER into space :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

To the space for EVER )

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nEVERmind, it seems a dead project


An hour later, 45% already said “Yes”. :fist:

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It remains to decide on the Logo

Let’s agree to disagree and move on.
We’ve got lots of work ahead of us.

And if the dead man comes to life?
To compensate for the damage))

I showed a couple of my options in the chat, I publish here too:

Best visualization of scalability…

He may go to court :upside_down_face:

Thank GOD someone is finally paying attention to this massive blunder.
The name “FREE TON” was doomed from the start. It’s two extremely common english words that are not even linked together.
“Everscale” while still not the best is VASTLY better than “Free TON”

Does it have relation to The open network?

Since Everscale is consonant with Evergrande, not the best timing for the last one to fail.

sounds unusual. Have changes already been accompplished?