Free TON Polls introduction

In order to have a common sense about the progress of the Free TON, our community needs some regular polls and surveys. it can help us to take the opinions of the community and know what is in their minds.

so I created a channel and group named Free TON Polls :point_right:
I talked with the admins of Free TON telegram channels and groups and made them admins of this channel and the related group also.


  1. writing a good proposal takes time and proposal creators are not sure about the approval or rejection of their proposals in the SMV. As a result of this uncertainty, the community members are not so keen on writing good proposals.
  2. in order to have better decisions we need to gather some information from the community. for example, having a TON price estimate helps us in decisions about the prizes of a contest.


  1. proposal pretest: before writing a proposal, you can create a poll about it and send it to the admins of the channel to broadcast it and see the poll results. then you can decide to write it or not. for example you think that we need more number of jurors and want to write a proposal about it. you can pretest your proposal with some polls such as below:

    • do we need more jurors?

      • yes
      • no
      • I don’t know
    • how many jurors do we need?

      • 20-30
      • 30-40
      • 40-50
      • more than 50
      • I don’t know
    • what knowledge and skills do we need more in the jury?

      • Technical
      • Branding and marketing
      • economics and tokenomics
      • more than 50
      • I don’t know
  2. by holding the polls and surveys we can gather the needed information for the jury and all the community. for example we can have a TON price estimate poll.

Polls and Surveys would be about:

  • regular TON price estimates
  • pretesting the proposals
  • Free TON evolution
  • prioritizing the Free TON activities
  • statistics about the community members and their mindset
  • future of the Free TON
  • and so on

The polls on this channel are informative only and everyone can create and send polls to the admins for broadcasting in the channel.
please leave your comments below about this channel and poll ideas that you think are needed.


Added your proposal for overview

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Not a bad idea. But I think it should be optional rather than a must.

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Great idea! This way we can find out what the community is really interested in.

Good idea for polls and surveys :+1:t2:

Hello. Forgot to ask right away. How will the issue of multilingualism be resolved?

Poll is the core mechanism of a decentralized community.

all should be in english language

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Or ask for help with translating local community admins.

surveys are one of the best ways to get the right access to the community’s opinions. With a quality survey system, it may be possible to achieve a full democratic result. such a result allows us to get the most ideal answer and opinion on any topic.