Free TON offers free internet

Free TON was said to be created free from days on through decentralized governance. Free TON was Launched with a community effort, which continues became more decentralized every day ever since created. As from part of inception, the community had been committed towards a way to stratify its decentralization through way known as stratified governance, which also includes sub-governance groups with some specific self-appointment tasks taken on by most especially the active members who contributes in bringing up something to the network to make it better and grow well. Each was created in a strata to give specific results for the entire community on a basis of “give & take” meritocracy is such way were the results that are given and token rewards will be shared.

All decisions made in free TON commiunity are made through proposals and also in some contests which are voted by community members. Moreover the must challenges/obstacles that are here is that it is meant by human nature to vote only when the subject created at hand is something related of personal interest to the member voting. This helps to tackle this challenges/obstacle. It is also great that the Free TON had implemented a Soft Majority Voting abbreviation known as (SMV). The SMV makes it possible to account for lack of enthusiasm by those who may not necessarily need to vote when the circumstances do not directly affect them.

Free TON is about 93% of the total supply reserved I other to build a community. I believe that We all believe tokens are a tool meant to build just that.

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