Free TON NFT SubGovernance proposal


This document suggests implementation of a governance mechanism for the FreeTON NFT community/ecosystem at (


To assist the community in development of worlds’ best infrastructure on Free TON, to leverage NFT related technologies, create an open vibrant NFT ecosystem and promote it globally

General Goals

The goals of this Sub-governance are as follows:

  • Stimulate creation of infrastructure for Free TON NFTs that would attract world best software developers, artists, collectors and other ecosystem participants leverage NFT technology to incentivise new partnerships, bringing real life use cases, adoption and user base.
  • Bring new influencers to the project from the NFT space that would promote Free TON technology.
  • Support standardization of Free TON NFTs: both initial specification and further additional updatesSupport inventors of any possible NFT use-cases, (e. g. on-chain variants of standards known as GTIN, ISBN)

Support transition of NFT-related developers, teams, companies, users and liquidity from other blockchain ecosystems into FT

Main Tasks

  • Form strong jury capable of judging contests
  • Attract new partners and to hold joint events in order to promote NFT on FT.
  • Create Twitter and Discord accounts in which all the NFT FT events and news will be highlighted.
  • Elaborate and launch joint use cases with partners.
  • Create Airdrops for NFT tokens (in collaboration with similar services and projects).
  • Create an affiliate system in order to reward the community members who attract new partners; hold joint advertising campaigns in order to popularize NFT FT.
  • The promotion of Free TON NFT marketplaces: advertising campaigns, events, contests.
  • Develop the ambassador movement in order to promote NFT tokens (separate in each country).

Initial members

Bulbash @Bulbash


Search for new partnerships, enthusiast, information support in telegram chats.

Pavel Prigolovko @prigolovko


For a decade, Pavel has been acting both as an investor and entrepreneur in various venture projects. Pavel has a Master degree in Mechanics and Mathematics.

Since 2017, Pavel has been exclusively focused on TON and has helped to collect core investment in two rounds of fundraising. In 2018, Pavel and his partners co-founded TON Labs to develop infrastructure solutions and a comprehensive ecosystem around TON.

Mark Feldman @markfeldman13


Presented our Cryptonumyz project at first digital-blockchain conference at Christies in 2018, it which point were able to get onboard some of the top currators and artist in the digital space. We are about to relaunch the project on Free TON. I have been a collector of art for over 40 years and have great contacts throughout the art, film and fashion industries

Senya Dumbadze @senya_dz


The founder of debiton, the NFT niche is very interesting, because the project that I am currently implementing is related to this segment.

Oleg Varnov @id_xz


Blockchain (solidity) developer. Have some experience to write smart-contracts for FreeTON. Member of contest to create NFT marketplace based on FreeTON.Planning to create NFTs based on TIP-3 standard with our team (dev’s, designers).

Katherine @kate_fth


PR-manager of the We write about Free TON in 4 languages. Our goal is to make Free TON the most popular blockchain in the world. As well as attracting the best developers and specialists using high-quality articles about events in the Free TON ecosystem.

Knyazev Platon @Knyazev_Platon


Blockchain evangelist 8+ years, business strategy and development. Chief Operation Officer in Analytics Group (Power BI Analytics & IT Integrations), co-founder of HypeCity Moscow, NFT-Agency founder, Free TON Community Validator

Aleksandr Vat @vatic


Member of DeFi SubGovernance, Juror of DeFi contests. Product Owner / Blockchain & DeFi Specialist. Tokenomics specialist, well versed in StableCoin, NFT and DEX.

Zackery L @Zachery_Li


Carry on a NFT wiki project in Chinese,, still in progress. also planning to establish a NFT trading exchange in HongKong

Ivan Kotelnikov @isheldon


Will support SubGov tech ops. Expertise: SmC development, team scouting

Ivan O @tonnft


6 years of experience in web development. Experienced in writing smart contracts on Ethereum. Active TON enthusiast. Founder of several small IT projects.

Adda @ann399


Senior NFT enthusiast, years of experience in blockchain projects, with cryptocurrency resources in China.Currently working on China’s NFT wiki.

Vladimir @vonomis


I am interested in taking part on a technical side as a FreeTon validator, MagisterLudi winner, Devops subgov initial member and Jury. Now investigating opportunities and NFT markets, preparing to expose personally known artists to the new infinite NFT minting possibilities.

Professional management skills in retail and international business projects for more than 20 years. IT and ecom expertise as CTO/CEO in personal business projects, devops/smc as a hobby.

Michael Kabanov @michael_kabanov


Co-founder of GoodPR creative agency. 15+ years experience in PR and sales.

No Name @no_name_c3po


Many years of experience in blockchain projects with cryptocurrency resources 5 years of design. 2 years in web development there are companies that have issued such tokens under my leadership on ethereum, I want the NFT subgovs to develop

Anzor Daurov @UltraNihilist


Blockchain Product owner with over 5 years of experience in the market, co-founder of U°OS reputation-based social network.

I am willing to contribute to creation of contests and technical solutions used by the subgovernance and its products.

Dmitry S. @dnugget


Active IT entrepreneur, focused on FreeTON ecosystem, product and project management professional with experience in digital products for mass-market (culture/entertainment). 20 yrs of experience.

I would like to help with contests development, NFT technology deployment, onboarding of art galleries and promo activities. Ready to adapt DEX for NFTs.

Darkwing Dark @ducktalesblock


Active member of Free TON in various aspects

Nikolay Fedorovsky @InnoDriver


National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University (Applied Mathematics Degree and Computer Systems, 2006), lead of the Digital Economics Lab in NR Tomsk State University (DLT, AI, CV, Robotics), Fintech and Blockchain, University of HK. High load and Startup projects include Elecard CodecWorks, Media Delivery Services, Mnemo, MTS, AdVideo VI Trend etc. Ex cofounder of Asian TEZZLE.Tech Hub of Technology Transfer. China and Asia researcher, Innovator of IT & Media.

Roman D @Dedicate_s


Growth hacker. 7 years in community management. Experienced in marketing & PR. Tech enthusiast and futurist

Eugene Morozov @EMMorozov


I am a member of Free TON Community and have signed the Declaration of Decentralization. I would be well suited for this SG because I have significant experience mediating and judging complex business, social and decentralised community situations. I should be selected because I will contribute honesty, life experience, professional reputation as a CPA.

I am an active member of Free TON Community, assisted TON LABS with finding use-cases for Free TON blockchain adoption, prepared and submitted two contest proposals, both approved by jury.

Member of SG Free TON Academy, Analytics and Support SG, Community Voice SG, Global Community SG

Vyacheslav Semenchuk @semenchuk


CEO of the Team.

Investor of

One of creators of the largest NFT platform for Russian sport teams (Football & Hockey).

Vlad Gohn @vladgohn


Art direction, graphics design, UI-UX. Branding / Production / Graphics design consulting.

Jiull Juinn @jiullrock


Main Freetonaut. “Millennial Hodler” team.


Upon launch this SG will have weekly calls every _____ at _____ UTC / ____ CET / ____ Msk

Budget Estimate for Q2 2021

An NFT marketplace contest is already launched under global governance and will last through mid May - put the link here.

Initial immediate activities:

  • Select core jury members and in some cases by analogy DePR contest invite jurors from other subgovernances.

  • Contest for TIP-3 NFT Smart Contract Implementation , with examples of its usage within existing ecosystem products

  • ERC-721 migration Contest (architecture of tokens migration from Ethereum, approach to tokens data representation, functional requirements for operations with tokens, etc.)

Total token allocation for the contests: 200k tons

NFT Sub-Governance multisig wallet:



Great initiative. This is one subgov that we should (quickly) get right from the start.

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I don’t approve. This is not the time for NTF sabgove. My opinion.

I am currently working on NFT tokens. I see that a lot of work is required to create smart contracts. There is no good standard for tokens. There are no auctions. No Decentralized storage.

Yes, there are contests for creating smart contracts for the auction. Yes, there is TIP-3. But, believe me, when you start to use it for real, you will see how crude it all is and just doesn’t work.


agree, but believe me that tip-3 is 80% ready.
another 20% feel like yet another 80% , last mile going hard - its normal situation for software development.

but opportunity to jump and compete on this arena will go away if we will silently polish great tech and show it inside free ton dev community

SG needs to be launched asap. please help, let’s propose Minimal NFT Root+Wallet Contracts Implementation Contest + some possible examples of composing it and use in dex/marketplaces.