Free TON Member Profile Contest Discussion

Free TON Member Profile Contest


Free TON itself as a community governance is something revolutionary and the contribution of each community member is the fuel for Free TON growth. The most valuable and interesting part of Free TON community is its Partnership With SIGMA that organizing offline meetups for blockchain and AI enthusiasts. Community member should have more intimated with each other and a profile of every member should be public. At least we should have a list of Free TON active members.


On community discussion…

Voting Period:

On community discussion…

Contest Submission Requirements And Rewards:

Contest Submission requirements are categorized in following two ways which are given below.

Mandatory Requirements:

  1. Forum Username
  2. Telegram Username or Responsive Email ID
  3. Wallet Address

Rewardable Requirements:
Participants can choose any one of these two rewards which are given below.

Reward - 100 TON

  1. Any ID Card Image (Front + Back)
  2. A link to the YouTube uploaded video of about 10 sec time saying “Hello Free TON” along with showing ID Card.

Reward - 500 TON

  1. Passport Image (Front + Back)
  2. A link to the YouTube uploaded video of about 10 sec time saying “Hello Free TON” along with showing Passport.

Jury Reward:

Jury reward will depends on the total number of votes submitted by him.
Reward in TON : 5Ă—N
Here N is the number of votes submitted by jury.


  • Duplicate submissions will get rejected by the jury and earlier submission will account for the jury assessment otherwise participant must inform about the corrected submission for voting in this contest thread.
  • Participants must read contest requirements before participate noted that a pdf file containing all required information content will be accepted by the jury.
  • Jury have to either accept or reject the submission (score 10 to accept).

Motivation Reward of 1% of the total contest value will be rewarded to the creator of this contest @block.

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I think that it is not necessary to do the similarity of KYC in FreeTON. I am against such a competition. The publication of personal data on the network will definitely harm the participants in the future. I doubt that anyone will take such a step.

Yes, the community needs to be cleared of multiaccounts, but we need a different approach.

Then as according to your suggestion participants will be required to submit only a link to youtube video saying “Hello Free TON” is enough!