Free TON Latvija act of marketing proposal

Latvian Ambassador marketing campaign.

Good day Global Free TON comrades.
Time ago we posted a proposal about Latvian SUB Gov,
And wish that your SubGov can help us to reach our marketing plans.

I saw that you already had a great competition with nicely described rules.

We want to adopt this concept and give some free kind of an act for users to create their promo materials. Where for each PR and marketing act they get small bounty.

First part of plan is to get the masses to create forum accounts, wallets, sign DOD and make a comment in this forum.
Second plan is to catch out the most active ones and with them work together on growing Free TON LV community. Cuz we want more initiative people that can share their time, personal talents and valeu inside of Free TON in general.

So here how it will look from users side:

To start the journey they need to:

Follow our media groups:
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @freeton_latvija_komuna



Facebook group: to be opened (in LV converts better than FB pages)


• Sign the Declaration of Decentralization.

• Create account on the Free TON Forum.

• Create TON Surf wallet for tokens distribution. Do not forget to backup your “MasterPassword”, in case you lose the access to your wallet we will not be able to help you. Check wallet Guide.

• Write a post in (latvian speaking thread will be created) with confirmation of joining LV Social Campaign.

Quote from: Proof of Join template

#JOIN & #Proof of authentication

“Twitter/Facebook” Campaign

Telegram username:

TON Surf wallet address:

Free TON forum username:

For making these small tasks and fulfilling the application form user gets 3 Free TON crystals.

Second part is a chance for users to create content.

Telegram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Medium, Instagram and Twitter. Manage work with all social media platforms. Work with Latvian influencers and niche communities. Use advertising for targeted audience by promoting special offers according to their interests. Stimulate users with small token amounts to press like, share or leaving a comment under posts.

  • PR - forums, pages, groups and news platforms. Grant a bounty to any person that can get post about Free Ton Latvia community in public space. Bounty will depend on scale of popularity and traffic amount of each post.
  • Content creation - translation, copywriting, images, video creation, web pages and landing pages. Each of these tasks will have their own sets of awards based on level of effort given for each work. SPAM or copyright ignorants will be banned.

Payment Rates for SMM creators

Content creation Translation (text and/or voice over) Original content
Social media, forums or blogs (per 1000 symbols) 20 Tons 50 Tons
Video creation (per minute) 2.5 Tons 5 Tons

Rates for visual designers

Based on hardness and quality (admin review approved) Simple (meme, scatch, sample) Medium (icon / sticker / gif ) Strong (printout / merch design / infographics / presentation)
Visual design per unit / page A4 10 TONs 20 TONs 30 TONs

Social bounty for users

Type of action bounty per post like bounty per post comment bounty per post share bounty per story feed
Social bounty - 1 TON 1 TONs -

Post share or comment has to be meaningful, related to context and read before such an action.

Rates for PR creators

Amount of traffic (based on rating) Unpopular (Alexa rank -500k) Average (100k-500k) Popular (100k rank and lower)
Post on forum 30 70 150
Post on news portal 60 150 250
Post on blog 30 70 150

Rates for influencers

Facebook and Twitter

Social Media rates based on follower amount 100-1000 users 1000-2000 users 2000 users and over
Post in a group 10 TONs 20 TONs 40 TONs
Post on partners page 10 TONs 20 TONs 40 TONs
Post for influencers 10 TONs 20 TONs 40 TONs
  • Post or group has to be IT, finance, business or crypto niche related.
  • Content has to mention Free TON Latvija or in a link to a Free TON resource.
  • Content or reply has to be written in Latvian language
  • For rude SPAM users will be disqualified.

What we see in budget activities for first month to get started?

Usage Description TONS
Community PR contest Launch of contests proposed by the TON Latvija Community - Contest promotion on local media resources. Articles, videos, viral news and design. 8000
Translation, copywriting and web creation contests Translations and creation of articles and news for Free TON Latvia and other members to be shared on media platforms. Creation and maintance of community website. 5000
Community infrastructure development and maintenance Starting with Google form creation and administrative work of collecting and gathering new members and systematized work with provided data. Assistance and recheck of PR contentment as quality control. 3000
Total - 16’000

Please let me know what changes you feel that have to be made to bounty, stats or rules of posting.


May be you can modify your program to something like Latvian Ambassador Campaign?
If successful, your program can be used as a draft by another national groups, which do not have enough power to build their own sub-governances, but still want to reach the national audience under the flags of GlobCom SG.


Yeah, name of campaign can be changed, it’s ain’t that hard. :slight_smile:
@aicracy or somehow the whole concept should change?
Otherwise do want to test it and make it as sample for marketing. Afterwards to cross out what didn’t work and what did the best. And to share the created converting content to english so any national part can implement it. :sunglasses:

With the current program above, there may be the same problem, in connection with which the funding of the Latvian sub-gov was actually refused. Here you take an instrument, which we use for global reach and try to adapt it to attract new people locally. And there must be very strong arguments why you 1) limit yourself to Latvia and 2) think you can attract Latvian people in a better way then GlobCom SG, for example?
Same instrument, same internet, same audience. Why we should pay extra for that? It is doubtful that there is a certain original Latvian segment of the Internet, incomprehensible to an outside observer, in which we need a guide so as not to get lost.

If you think the language is the only barrier between Latvian people and FreeTON - so let it be. But I’m afraid, that the potential new users you are going to attract already speak English. As well as you. So they can be attracted in English as well.

I’m not about to ruin your great enthusiasm. I think you should more focus on something, what can be done only by your team, because… [and here your text].

E.g. … because you understand how the Latvian market works, you have connections to some potential partners with already existing user database and use-case potential, etc…

Sorry for that hard but honest opinion.


Oh snap @aicracy thanks for opened questions, love those.

  1. We don’t limit ourselves only to Latvia. We got also Baltics to work with, to find local crypto leaders and assist them in creating own teams. I do see myself more interested with Russian speakers, language is more richer (culturally and personally), and no doubts that in nearest future will give a shot living for some time in St Petersburg where actually more fun stuff can be done in person, cuz people become alergic to online world, and want to go out and meet new people. Here it can be done without restrictions (after next few months), i got trusted reputation here (work on social entrepreneurship and local municipality event organization for neighborhood people) and well known market trough mentality prism.
    So at this point where i am, it’s way much easier to get base of people that will convert in team members, later on to join live meetings with tea and bomb out hackathons and cowork with local business incubators. Later on for sure some members will be interested to go and assist in english or russian market. I take it as an experiment and see LV as sandbox to start with, and success and failure to be taken.
  1. Yes :slight_smile:
    You can do exactly same things in Russian or English here but won’t get such a trust. Latvians are suspicious when someone tries to sell them something or encourage to do things in other languages. Think most of the nations are as that. English speakers mostly are till 30 years, Russian ones are 30 and over.
    Take a look at local communes of crypto.
    Facebook Groups
    Facebook Groups
    Discussions happen in Latvian.

In last weeks got huge feedback in cryptoniche. It’s like a rule, the more energy you give in to something, the more you get back.
Joined Zoom Russian presentation meeting of Tycoon 69 (gods of Free TON, I don’t consider this as an advertising :slight_smile: Their “ponzi shcemers” as most of comunes we have here. Thats a huge advantage for Free TON to come out with decentralisation concept.
They got over 200 people in it, 20% had Latvian names on tags. Prezi sucked to be honest, still shows that people do know Russian, with English speaking promoters it should be same % level.

My idea is that you won’t reach whole audience if you go with these 2 languages.

In Latvia audience that I see are about 5000 active crypto people and 30-50k of creators (writers, designers, bloggers, admins, entrepreneurs etc.) till age of 40 that have value and heard about BTC, blockchain and some about DOD. With elders it would be bit tougher to work. All of these better to be covered in their language. And if we want to work inside the system with government, business and other institutions to partnership with, would be tough to do aboard online and in English (or Russian).

It is small but I see it as an advantage. Cuz here people are tight together and info to masses can be spread much faster, and if a new trusted game player like Free TON comes in, some nice cult can be built.