Free TON Brand Ambassadors [EN]

Information from @Artanovskaya:

Hello everyone and welcome!

This group was created for Free TON Brand Ambassadors, as well as everyone who has already submitted an application for the Brand Ambassadors role within the framework of the Contest “Country Ambassadors for Free TON” to discuss important questions, plans for the Free TON development and promotion.


Great idea! I support it…


Hello to all future Free TON Brand Ambassadors!
I am very glad that you all showed interest and joined Telegram group and follow this forum thread!
The submissions deadline is over, and now we are waiting for the jury decision!
Good luck to all!


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Interface is ready!


:gem: Free TON Ambassador Subgovernance news

:point_right: Jury Selection Contest has started:
#1 Free TON Ambassador Contest Proposal: Jury Selection
Create a decentralized Ambassador Jury of up to 30 willing participants from the Free TONcommunity who are willing to put in the time and efforts to study, interpret, analyze, vote, anddeliver qualified feedback to contest submissions from contestants for the Free TONAmbassador Subgovernance .

We are waiting for community members who want to take part in contest!


Free TON Ambassador Jury Selection Contest is a distributed community powered contest to make Free TON more healthier than ever🎯

This contest is going to be a core for decentralization💎


To the attention of the participants of the Free TON Ambassador Contest: Jury Selection and candidates for the Ambassador Jury!

Before the current Jury votes on your submissions, we ask you to take this test, which roughly reflects the workload of the judges:

The test results will have a direct impact on the choice of your candidacy for the Ambassador of the Jury.

This test task must be completed before 23:59 Moscow time on October 20, 2020.

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:gem: Free TON Ambassador Subgovernance news

:exclamation:Attention for all community members!

:point_right: Double Stages Contest started

“Use your own skills and experience in any field to invite as many real people as possible and grow the Free TON community. Design and implement any of your own Program that will help achieve this.”

Do you have a brilliant idea how to attract real people to the community? Do you know companies who can become a Free TON partner? Want to discuss details? Write:

:point_right: На русском: @amalfica
:point_right: In English: @Artanovskaya

Waiting for you!