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We are comprised of:

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Global team with Tokyo HQ

Partnership strategy would provide a robust ONE YEAR campaign aimed at educating its audience about the Free TON through its partnership with Exchange and News.’s mission is to support the tools that create a world that is more economically free.

Free Ton mission in this regard is quite similar - the first fair launch, without ICOs and VC funding, of a truly decentralized community-governed blockchain bringing free communication and trade into the Internet Era.

The partnership of and Free TON Community would be looking to highlight the benefits of Free TON being one of the fastest blockchains with high performance and lowest latency and how that performance can affect economic freedom on a global scale and giving at the same time media access to free ton’s community expertise in building the blockchain of the future truly decentralized Internet.

Partnership plan

In order to achieve the goals set in the Partnership strategy section, we plan the following list of activities for ONE YEAR PERIOD:

  • Articles describing Free TON history and development roadmap
  • Press releases
  • interviews guest spots for key members of Free TON Community
  • Article features in the Weekly Newsletter - reaching an audience of 200K highly engaged subscribers
  • Branded landing page on
  • Exchange partnership banners and interactive banners
  • Social media announcements and shares
  • Exchange email inclusion (CRM marketing)
  • Mentions in weekly videos
  • Inclusions on the blog
  • Exchange Youtube and Podcast

Important - after the start of the campaign, a detailed educational and marketing campaign plan will be developed by media unit and confirmed with the Free TON team.

Distribution Channels and Social media is a group of media platforms, each with its own media following, that will be used to support our marketing and PR activities:

Our social media coverage

Content Types

In order for the campaign to reach the widest audience possible, the following types of content will be created:

  • Press releases (shared to Twitter, Facebook, Telegram + Daily Newsletter)
  • Articles (shared to Twitter, Facebook, Telegram + Daily Newsletter)
  • Podcast - Interviews sponsorship
  • Guest spots on Interviews
  • Newsletters
  • Youtube videos
  • Documentaries
  • And more

Our Partners

As a leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency resource, we have a wide circle of partners, which include the largest players of the crypto world:

Token request

For our one year campaign, we request a total amount of 2 million tokens, paid quarterly. The first part (500K) paid upfront, with the other parts paid at the beginning of second, third and fourth quarter respectively.


Jason Sheman, Head of Media

Wallet address



Fully support this proposal! Awesome to see you with Free TON guys!


Excellent offer, fully support :+1:


I am shocked by this offer😱 I think it will be beneficial for both sides. I have no more comments…


Great proposal.
However, I think it is premature for a number of reasons.

We do not have a stable and effective PR team/SG yet. Having sufficient experience in the position of PR and having experience of interaction with media, I can say that working with such a big partner requires a lot of supervision.

We need speakers, we need topics for press releases, we need someone to write these releases, there must be, after all, KPI. Without clear and smooth work with the media within the project, attracting such a large partner means dooming both sides to about six months of meaningless talk about how to do something (at best), and at worst to a single press release and a third assistant junior editor as a contact person.

With all due respect to the offer and its authors, we are now not ready to manage such a partner effectively - especially for the requested amount of tokens.

My suggestion

  1. Add clear KPIs tied to the amount and type of material that the media will provide. This will allow both sides of the partnership to be interested in making the partnership work.
  2. Refuse a fixed remuneration to the partner or limit it to 10% of the approved budget. Everything else should be tied to the KPIs.

Great proposal from, fully support! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


The best partner ever :+1:


Cool! A jet booster was attached to our rocket :slight_smile:


I would not be so happy, if Roger Ver still at the helm, he has already knocked over projects for huge sums. Don’t pay in advance


A very interesting proposal for cooperation with a good target audience. Such advertising and partners are what you need for the project. I think the community will support this proposal.

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Free TON & partnership - Fully support :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :100: :+1: :+1: :+1: :ok_hand: :innocent: :pray:


Such a partnership can only be welcomed! I suppose this should spur the token rate to growth.

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Fully agree! It’s not clear now how this partnership will be managed and executed. There should not be just upfront payments each quarter. We need KPIs and some measures of new users in exchange for TON Crystals.


Good offer. It can become better if KPIs and budget are written in more detail.


The amount is very high. We will fill them with content to pay $. This amount can be distributed more correctly.


Very good proposalr. I would like to know what exactly the commonwealth will be implemented.

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Very nice and cool proposal mate​:heart_eyes: thanks for sharing an amazing topic. Indeed I learn from your topic because I can now say something about the free TON partnership with Bitcoin. Back to the topic :smiley: about the reality I am surprised and out of words to say about the potentiality I have seen from both sides. This is a very good and excellent offer to be strongly appreciated. Thank you once again :pray:


This kind of partnership would make freeTON reaches out to a lot more people but sponsor fee is generally expensive. 2 million tokens equal to 2 million USD at the current exchange rate on Coineal. As far as I know, Coindesk and Cointelegraph also have PR services. Let see if they can give some better offer.

Very good offer, mate. It would be really great to get approval and give you the opportunity to work alongside with free ton. I see very cool plan from you and little shocked, like many other people here. :slight_smile: Nice!))

Partnering with This is a major milestone for TON around the world. He says, and this proves that there are well-established companies and institutions that want to learn about new technologies for new cryptocurrencies by working with them.