Free Ton Australia community

Creating community for Australia residents and Ton network supporters

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Tell us about yourself? What experience and knowledge in blockchain and cryptocurrency?

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Will try to b short on this one:

Research about who is make it first and who is bring blockchain technology to planet earth.
Research about current monetary system and history, started from Roman Empire
Development of blockchain technology and scalability started with BTC and ETH
Scalability main issue of blockchain technology and current projects trying to pass barriers
Investment funds in blockchain technology
Marketing and promotion of hight scalability blockchain projects example : Metahash MHC project and blockchain network
Following development and new ideas in blockchain technology

а вы какое отношение к этому имеете ?

Just general knowledge if need to have discussion on topic of blockchain technology and how we are get where we are now. In 90s and beginning of 2000. Complete human monetary evolution is stuck with paper money and system of investments what is created 2000 years ago during Roman Empire. For 2000 years we using same system and we did not move forward. 2008 we are had global monetary crisis created by 15% of all credit repayment collapse where borrowers are announced bankruptcy. Banks and investors did not open new markets and all investments are gone in same direction until cup is get full and explode. Fiat money and investing Buble created by banks . All world monetary system is crash with out of solutions how to move forward. Blockchain is come with solution , interesting is no one in the world know who is created blockchain and that is most interesting part ( looks like someone is give us ) : my theory says: If now arrives Space Ship from different solar system with peaceful extraterrestrials and offer us trade how we going to pay them ? With 10 tons of paper $ , Euros or Pounds ? Imagine all that paper to load in space ship or just how that hilarious will look to make trade with all that paper with someone who is come with space ship from another galaxy and we struggling to get to Moon .
Blockchain is solve this problem as well coz can be integrated into galactic monetary system where you can have trillions of money on just one USB.
That is precise explanation what is blockchain and where we going into future with this technology.
Blockchain is give us open door for interplanetary trade and integration into galactic monetary system.

Hi guys I’m new here. Trying to wrap my head around this project currently.
I am from Melbourne Australia :slight_smile: heard about this from Hacker Noon.
I too am a writer and blogger.
Chatting to @Mrbateman3131 as we speak about a potential interview for my Medium and HN series called Crypto Fireside :slight_smile: