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:pushpin: Free TON Ambassadors Announcements Channel is created for the all ambassadors convenience to keep track of current news and events!

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:speech_balloon: АМА-session Free TON Ambassador Subgovernance

Wednesday, 30th of September, at 12:00 UTC Free TON Ambassador Subgovernance AMA-session will be held.

Theme: Ambassador Subgovernance. Plans, strategy, partnership. How to start and what to do. What ideas to suggest in order to win in contests with a large prize pool. Answers on questions.

:point_right: Who is this session for? For everyone who wants to become a part of the Free TON Ambassador Subgovernance, to realize themselves and their ideas in the Ambassadors Program, to contribute to the Free TON development and promotion.

We are waiting for all community members and newcomers!

Zoom and YouTube links will be published before AMA-session start. :soon:


:point_right: Jury Selection Contest has started:
#1 Free TON Ambassador Contest Proposal: Jury Selection

Create a decentralized Ambassador Jury, up to 30 willing participants from the Free TON community, who are ready to spend time and efforts studying, analyzing, voting and providing qualified feedback on the submissions for the Free TON Ambassador Subgovernance.

We are waiting for community members who want to take part in contest!


AMA Zoom and YouTube links:


Today, October 12, the Signature Bounty Campaign started for three cryptocurrency forums - Bitcointalk, Altcoinstalks, Cryptotalk.

The campaign is aimed at expanding the Free TON boundaries and attracting new active users who are interested in the project development and want to become part of Free TON!

In just the first 12 hours from the start of the campaign, the Declaration of Decentralization was signed by more than 100 new users, more than 100 new Surf accounts were registered! Among these people there are already the most active ones who are preparing the project development programs within the Free TON Ambassadors Subgovernance!

Let’s develop the community together, join the campaign now - there is a limit on the spots number for each rank in each forum!


Excellent result, this is just the beginning :+1: