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August 2021 – November 2021.


In line with the approved Free TON Africa Sub-governance master plan, this is a continuation of the Media program, to be carried out in this phase or second half of the year 2021.

Since the inception of Free TON Africa, and all through the initial stages of the Media program including its associated activities like sports, contests and promotions within Africa, the Sub-governance has encountered various scenarios with equally mixed outcomes, and documented them in several specific reports and also in the Free TON Africa – end of KPI – combined community reports (

Some of the media scenarios encountered are:

  • Expensive connectivity rates. Though with increased internet connectivity across the continent, charges in Africa are still on the higher side. Online presence is determined by the depth of one’s pockets, value of online returns or level of personal interest or interaction. (Online presence in Africa is not a given).
  • Africa as a whole not subscribing to one common major global media platform. A lot of these media platforms have lost ground or losing popularity in Africa and are rarely visited or taken seriously by younger subscribers who now form the majority of social media consumers in Africa. Most are hoping from one modern app to the latest exciting social media app (as they are being rolled out and completely cutting ties with the former app).
  • Easy availability and quickly growing pools of localized social media content, which is now increasingly being guided by local languages, social interactions, or historical and geographical boundaries. Even though there is a huge influx and increased access to foreign content within Africa, there is a lot more inclination to consumption of local content that is customized to fit the very immediate environment, culture or norms.

Because of this combined bombardment, the everyday African is seen to possess a very (very) short attention span in regard to social media engagements and the fight to capture and retain any African social media audience seems to have intensified lately. The African media audience has become gaseous if not volatile.

Through thick and thin, and in view of the three bullet points above (including many others not mentioned), coupled with the rapidly evolving media space, video delivery or video broadcast remains the only constant straddling all spheres and is still the medium most highly consumed and accepted by many local Africans across borders.


To create and enable combined audio and visual content to cater for the deaf, dumb and blind members of the African community who cannot easily consume written material. Provide a time saving, snappy delivery, quick explanation and therefore a quick consumption method of any precise information, to any African populace hence saving time, costs and addressing the needs of the disabled in the community.

To allocate room, for each and every producer of content to design, create and come up with imaginative ways of capturing, captivating and controlling a loyal audience in Africa.

At the community’s request, the Free TON Africa SG intends to showcase, familiarize and take Free TON Africa closer to the rest of the Free TON community and bring to light most of the ambiguous connotations associated with the African continent.


  • To first improve the effectiveness of the Free TON Africa media pillar, by broadcasting the happenings in the blockchain ecospace from Africa to the rest of the world through posters, podcasts or the audio-visual format.
  • To identify and deliver through this format relevant information from the rest of the world needed to update and educate the African audience on happenings within the global blockchain ecospace, and in particular, tracking the Free TON global network.
  • Publish simplified periodic presentations or simplify the content of otherwise technical updates with creative illustration for the consumption of non-technical community members, which will be in addition to our normal publishing format, so as to fill the gaps created by the lack of flow of information and also act as a reminder to important events.
  • To provide an equal platform where creative individuals within the community have a chance to engage with content from across the blockchain space, edit where necessary and submit to the media team, for publishing and or video creation.


  • Generate weekly updates on the happenings within the African continent.
  • Create introductory content for new projects from Free TON Africa to the community and also activate and create templates for the available media platforms.
  • Abide with most norms and practices of the African culture including GIFS & Memes with an African touch.
  • Offer liaison between the Africa Sub-governance and other mainstream media, social media teams and content creators within the community to produce content for the Free TON Network and onboarding media tools available.
  • Avail voice-overs and graphics to the Africa Sub-governance before population to the social fora.
  • Regular meetings within this space for consultation purposes are encouraged.
  • The Africa Sub-governance Initial Members shall determine compensation for any materials utilized in making the broadcasts.
  • The Media Coordinator resident within the Free TON Africa Sub-governance shall oversee the decisions that may occur on a daily basis.
  • Other suggestions and improvements to this program can emanate from the day to day activities within this space and shall be published then determined by the Free TON Africa Sub-governance Jury.


Comments and ideas are welcome. Voting is not needed as this falls under the overall Free TON Africa Sub-governance Media Pillar and mandate.

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This is the right way to go.Simplified content will be consumed so much and Everyone will be updated. I like it:blue_heart:

Waiting to see the productions. Heads up to the media team.

This is a welcome and timely initiative. Such a platform as postulated in the proposal will definitely open up the understanding and acceptance by social media consumers. The proposal itself is well detailed, clear and it’s objectives relevant to the overall FreeTON communication scope.

This is a welcome initiative to all media and creative designers to create more content and improve awareness to the community

This is very insightful!

I would love to offer my Creative skills as an Illustrator and Designer

How do I become a part of the Design Team to help create more content ?


Amazing stuff. I can’t wait to see the kind of content that will be produced.
I support the initiative.

This proposed media content pattern would surely bring in diversity. Kudos!!

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This concept of media promotion look promising. Iets give our all to it.