Free TON Academy next 6 month Token Request

Free TON Academy 2nd Rewards Request Oct 2021

By Academy Advisor @emmorozov

Respectfully requesting additional rewards to be distributed by Free TON Academy based on the following KPIs.

Academy report video presented at the Weekly Community Call on Oct 12 2021:

Our goal is onboarding to the Free TON ecosystem through education.

What was done since Global Proposal to create the Academy was approved 7 months ago on March 9, 2021?

  • Website created and constantly improved;
  • Highly customisable and flexible LMS fully implemented;
  • Strong governance in SG with Roles performed by teams;
  • KIDs Education subgroup;
  • Current Contests - DeCourses 2, DevPride, De-Education;
  • Successfully removed inactive IMs and expanded Jury;
  • Deployed new multi-sig and safely moved tokens to new address;
  • Represented Free TON in Dubai for 1 Year Network Anniversary;
  • One of the very few English language Sub-Governances;
  • Standing and consistent weekly hour long meetings on Wednesdays at 4 PM UST, not one was ever canceled;
  • Executed the first private ad campaign with AdGram for 3300 TONs (paid for by an Advisor to the Academy, to be reimbursed if deemed successful);
  • Campaign results and details can be seen here: AdGram / Free TON / Academy / MP - Google Sheets ;
  • Relationships established with several Off-chain and On-Chain educational institutions in several countries;
  • Individual activities of IMs and Jurors as well as Roles can be seen here Academy SG Statistics - Google Sheets
  • Academy participates in very successful weekly podcasts by Ben Sunderland “Never Mind the Shitcoins”;
  • Academy participated in Messari and GBA Conferences in NY and DC;
  • Contributions to the Academy justifiably quoted among reasons to elect a new Initial Member in Global Community recently.

While it is difficult to prove number for actual new users we brought to the network, the available stats allow for some conclusions at this time:

  • 891 users
  • 34 teachers
  • 47 Courses, most of them on blockchain
  • 3 languages
  • More than 1000 comments
  • Taught the first off-line class to 50 Students at ITMO
  • Best rating in Alexa among all Free TON sites except - 286,000 global, 12000 for Russia

Coming shortly:

  • Mobile versions of site both for IOS and Android;
  • Ton SURF wallet integration;
  • Additional Contests;
  • Multi-Author Courses;
  • Premium (paid) Courses capability.

In terms of Tokens:

Total received 200,000

Total rewarded 49,314 TONs

Remaining 150,687 TONs as can be seen in our NEW MULTI-SIG at blockchain explorer

Upcoming rewards payments:

DeEducation 1 (estimate) - 28000 per team with 15 students times 4 teams = 112,000â„–1.pdf?alt=media&token=45c8c121-0a5e-4a86-a499-d57334464af8

DeCourses 2 - 30,000 for English and same for Non-English

DevPride 120,000

Total estimated need to cover existing Contests is therefore 292,000 TONs, so at the moment we are 141,000 short.

Therefore we respectfully request the same amount for the same period - 200,000 TONs for the next 6 months.

New Academy Multi-Sig 0:59a26dc6133288ab36cce951e524ac0fc3a2ed9eeaad96b2c0c6a23acd4eb5ea

As always, any feedback from the Community on ways to improve is greatly appreciated and will be carefully analysed.

Thank you

FreeTon.Academy - you are in the right place!


During a very short time, Academy SG has brought a proven result of engaging people to the Free TON blockchain network. It is becoming the best place for offering the resources for the Free TON project. Recently, an innovative idea of paid course is introduced and IMHO, it will also increase the use-cases of our mainet token TON Crystals. So, fully support this proposal.


You guys and gals bust your butts. The only issue is of course is user conversion, but that is always the case with anything .edu. You’re grooming the next generation. I support it, mostly because the academy is not about the here-and-now results, but it’s about tomorrow’s. No other way to change the world. I vote yes.


The Academy is an exceptional place, not only does it promote originality, evidence from Alexia readings but it also forms students and brings out the professionalism in teachers. I support fully this proposal.


SubGovernance Free TON Academy plays an important role in the Free TON community. A lot of work is underway, which, as we see, brings great benefits. At the moment, the Academy’s website has various courses for new members of the community, which greatly help to understand in detail the various areas of the community. Everything that has been announced by SubGovernance Free TON Academy is being carried out. Therefore, I fully support this request.


The academy is very helpful to the community.
I fully support


I is better if the proposal contains the exact address to which tokens should be sent. (The new multisig, right?)


Thanks, I added the new Academy multi-sig address.

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So much great work already in this SG and only the beginning really :+1: awesome to see the unanimous support as well)


For me Academy SG is one of most successful SG in Free TON. As I mentioned on weekly call, that the main power of our blockchain is community, current and what will come in the future, it’s very important word btw. When we started we couldn’t be sure where everything will come. But during this moths of work we prove the main idea. Which I personally think is one of the most important idea of whole network - That we(our SG) can work together is a team, group of people who don’t know each other before starting this activity. We have an experiment, we test and now know that we have a team that can repeat the same results and what’s more important continue our development and improvement to make it’s better place for everyone!


As an educationist, I support this proposal. Education is the great asset we can give our generation.


A great opportunity to attract users, educate the audience with useful courses!


The Academy is all time in work. It attracts a lot of people to learn about block-chain in general and FreeTON in particular, and many good teachers that share their knowledge. There are a lot of smart and talented people in the SubGove who works with enthusiasm and passion.


have not heard about this Academy before, turns out they did a lot of work out there. What are your limitations for bringing more users? Only tokens ?

I have seen great results in the FreeTON Academy in attracting more users to the FreeTON ecosystem as well as bringing value to them.Due to the continuity of this and more,I fully support this proposal.


Your question is incomprehensible to me. But I will answer you this way. The Academy has no restrictions on attracting newcomers. The Sub-Governance makes a request for tokens to pay for incentives in contests. And this is a common practice in any Sub-Governance. Visit the Academy’s website (QR CODE CAN BE FOUND BELOW), where you can find answers to various questions that interest you by taking courses.


looks interesting, good luck


I trust the Academy SG is one of the amazing SGs that are holding the Free TON torch high and mighty. Through it I have been able to induct friends and family, showing them the benefits of a free web as well as the power of decentralization. We still have a long way to go and I believe with the contribution from everyone, we will take the world by storm. Keep up the great work


Thank you all for leaving supportive and warm comments, I am proud to be a part of the Academy.

Moving to the Community vote shortly.

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It’s a shame that there is no introductory course for beginners, no entry point!

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