Formulate the Rewards Distribution to every Contest participants

FreeTON TON Crystals

FreeTON haven’t any Presale, ICO or IEO for TON Crystals distribution and all TONs will be rewarded to the community for their contribution. Contests are the only way to earn TON Crystals so it’s very important how and under what mechanics FreeTON is distributing TON Crystals to the community.

FreeTON motto of Decentralization

FreeTON is a distributed network of independents who contribute to the network through different resources.

In a community-controlled network every member of community and their contribution to the network should be rewarded as according rate of their contribution.

Decentralization is the revolutionary term on which community stands for a big internet revolution.

FreeTON Contests and Community

FreeTON contests are the backbone of its economy since there is only way to earn TON Crystals is to participating in contests. Every community member consumes resources and time to prepare contest submission so everyone have a right to get rewards according to their submission standard and quality. Jurors are here to review contest submission standard and quality to rate the submission as accordingly.

FreeTON current contest rewards distribution structure

Currently all FreeTON contest rewards structure are more likely to a lottery prize distribution but FreeTON main motto is to distribute network power in a more decentralized approach.
Every contest have almost fixed budget of TON Crystals for contestants so it should be distributed to contestants as according to their submission standard or quality not just distribute all budget to the few top submissions in a lottery-like distribution.

Alternate mechanics for contest rewards

It’ll be fair enough for everyone to get fair rewards as according to quality and standard of their submissions.

So according to mottto of FreeTON decentralization it’ll be more empowering strategy to distribute contest rewards to contestants just proportional to average score of submission. Total budget of contest should be distributed among all the participants who get scored from jurors. A formulated distribution of rewards to scored submissions is a strategy to empower community and distribute FreeTON power to everyone who get scored by Jurors.
Contestant who get more score will get more rewards and if many contestants who get equal scores will get equal rewards.

Formula for contest rewards distribution

Let a contest have budget of T amount of TON for rewards given to winners.
S(1) = average score obtained by submission number 1.
∑S = S(1)+S(2)+S(3)+… … . … S(n)
R(n) = rewards for S(n) submission
Now we can easily calculate rewards for every submission by the following formula.

R(n) = [ S(n) / ∑S ] × T

  • Most scored submission will get maximum reward.
  • Least scored submission will get least reward.
  • Rejected submissions doesn’t get any rewards.

It is better to empower community through rewarding in most distributed and fair class.


Full support
Will help to Decentralization

I have been going to propose such a proposal. You did it sooner and better than me :+1:

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the sentence makes perfect sense, but:

  1. but we will have a million submissions for the competition of low quality (who will hope to get their share too)
  2. But now there is already a disagreement about how many applications one participant can send to the competition. Distribution mechanics relying on rewarding all applications will exacerbate the situation and
  • we will have even more low quality works from the same participants
  1. Jury members will not survive if they have to check
  • even more low quality applications

When will your proposal regarding the awards for the forum participants be accepted?

No idea. Ask on that topic, please. Maybe some moderators will help and give an answer.

There is even no extra work for jurors.
Already jurors have to vote every submission submitted in contests.
Already every submission is getting feedback from jurors.
we are just discussing how rewards should be distributed after voting completion and my whole idea is to point out that rewards shouldn’t be distributed like lottery prizes.
Distribution of rewards from top to bottom should be in a uniform statistics.

consider top 3 submissions having almost same standard and quality gets average score 9.6,9.5 and 9.4 respectively is fair but if they get rewards 1000,700 and 500 TON crystals respectively then how we can call it a fair distribution of rewards for same standard submissions.