First NFT collectible & marketplace

:boom: We are happy to announce the launch of the first NFT token in FreeTON.
WaifusTON is an NFT collectible and marketplace. These are 2048 unique anime characters, each created by a neural network!
While they are not all distributed yet, any user can get a random waifu for a small fee

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @waifuston

:sparkles: How to get started?

  1. Go to the and click " Create new account"
  2. Click the “TOPUP” button to the right of the balance, copy your address (starts with 0:) and transfer funds to it from any Free TON wallet, for example, from (we recommend to transfer 11 :gem: to be enough for the first waifu)
  3. Click the “Get new waifu” button and get your first NFT token!

:fire: Users can easily share their NFTs right on the platform. You can put your waifu up for sale, just give it to a friend, or place a bet on someone’s waifu.
:tada: Moreover, all this for the minimum blockchain fees.


It’s really cool, I bought it. :eyes:

Seems interesting, lol 0_0

Interesting. Can users officially purchase the anime characters posted on already? Or is it just a beta version yet?


256 DONE !

Будем дальше посмотреть

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Где можно глянуть смарт-контракт для данных токенов nft? Есть сомнения, что это не nft токены а просто картинки за кристаллы.

:fire: New feature!

Now you can name your waifu! :tada:

Give it a unique name, make it stand out👾

The first Free Ton NFT, that might be something super cool in the near future. Minted some already and looking forward to how it’s going to evolve:)

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Is there any work being done at the moment? People were asking about smart contracts for these tokens with no response. The site is pretty much dead right now, as well as telegram channel. Just some hype at the beginning with not much follow-up. Looks like a money grab to me. Sad.

Guys, you should participate NFT Sub-g Telegram: Contact @FreeTONbasedNFT


:sparkles: We are ready with a new update

Now you can watch history of every waifu and account

:man_technologist: This feature is powered by our new simple tool - TON Watcher. Source code available now!
It is an automatic messages subscription service, which fetches all messages from blockchain and decodes it for further search.

History available on waifu pages and account pages.
Sample -

And yeah, some questions. If i understood right, this is smart contract for your waifu store? - 0:1cc19337587036a64f1806efdc9a3c34862181ac771b9424bd7c3e75bade58c4

And here is source code - GitHub - southernlabs/waifuston-contracts

Am i right?

Yes, it is our Root + Store smart contract.
Its source is not published yet, but on GitHub you can find documentation and abi

:fire: Today is the day of the BIG BURN on

This is not a Fools day joke

We are burning 1024 unminted waifus! :fire::fire: (Now it is about 100 unclaimed token left)

And starting a :fire:BURNSALE​:fire: Only 1 April minting new waifus costs only 30 :gem: instead of 40.

Also, we need to say one thing… It is absolutely crazy, but… We have burned 17k tons. Yes. Accidentally. So they are forever locked on smart contract.

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Free TON NFT SubGovernance proposal was approved :tada:
And is one of the initial members :sunglasses:
You can find SG chat at
We will take active part in development of NFT infrastructure on Free TON.

:exploding_head: Also, we are canceling all actions fees
:yum: Now you can transfer waifus absolutely for free

It should be noted that currently it is done for test and in future fees amount can be changed.

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:sunglasses: There was no news for some time. But we still working hard and have some things to show you.

:boom: MINTED OUT. There is no free waifus for mint. All 1024 waifus are claimed. WOW! For the moment the only way to get waifu - buy it on auction (check for sale tab)

Site update. We made some minor features and slightly updated our design. Now every user has a random avatar!

Pet your waifu bot
Just a fun thing

Open-source API GitHub - southernlabs/waifuston-api: An HTTP API wrapper for NFT
You can create 3rd party apps and easily fetch waifus info

:bookmark: Stay tuned. We are still making something big!

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